Bacon vs. Bears

I'm going up to Bella Coola for a few days, so when I saw the fiece-looking Grizzly bear on the front page of Saturday's Vancouver Sun and the headline "Grizzly attacks plague central coast" I had to pick it up. Bella Coola is definitely central coast and as it turns out the entire article focused on Bella Coola. I hope you are as shocked as I was when you read the following story:

"Instead of going after the bears, he (Gary Shelton, a long-time Bella Coola Valley resident and author of three best-selling books on bear attacks) said, the government tells people what to do. 'I'm not supposed to feed my dog on my porch, we can't have bird feeders, you can't cook bacon on Saturday morning with the window open.'

'This is bullshit. People have a right out here to live as they want to live. At no time in history have grizzly bears and humans ever lived together in any kind of complacency. It's ridiculous.'"

I really felt for him. Not being able to feed one's dog on the porch has got to be a major PITA. And I could never live without my bird feeder, so I totally know where he's coming from on that one. But just imagining not being able to cook bacon on Saturday morning with the window open, that's when I lost. How dare those Grizzly bears confine the smell of bacon to our homes! Bullshit is right.



is a freak. He does more damage to bear reputations than almost any "bear" book author out there. People have to make concessions in their lives that may be inconvenient but tough crap!
I have to walk everywhere, including ten blocks to the nearest grocery store. My dogs aren't allowed off leash, I can't go into parks at night, I have to pick up my dog crap, I am not allowed to have a grill on my terrace, etc, when I get sick of it, I'll flippin' move! Gary needs to get over himself and realize that if everyone lived the way they wanted to, half of Florida would have rusty trucks on cinder blocks in their yard, half of the NYC buildings would go up in flames, people would be stepping in dog crap everywhere they went...bend a little, ya jackass!
Not you...Gary

He definitely sounds like a jackass. If I see him this weekend I'll open up a can of whoop-ass.

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