I hate hash-tags

I hate hashtags. At least they way that people use them. People seem to like using them to say things they wouldn't normally say in plain English. For example:

Why won't my kid take a nap? #damnkid #brat #nomorekids

This doesn't translate exactly into the following:

My damned kid won't nap

My kid is a brat

I don't want any more kids

So why do people use hashtags like those above? Hash tags have become a way to make a stupid one-word joke or sarcastic comment. For sarcasm, the classic goes something like this:

Forgot to strap my kid into his car-seat today. FAIL. #parentoftheyear

It's a pretty lame joke, but the root cause is that you probably shouldn't be telling the world about your bad parenting in the first place, but you did, and so you're trying to make light of the situation so you don't feel like the idiot that you are.


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