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Map of Authentic Mexican/Latin American Food in Vancouver

By David Grant - Posted on 29 October 2006

[img_assist|nid=160|title=Mmm, tacos|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=150|height=112]I am a huge fan of authentic Mexican food. After going to Mexico in June 2005 I looked around for some authentic Mexican and found Vallarta's at Renfrew and Broadway, which was close to my work. I started started making a list on paper of other Mexican restaurants that I saw in the local Spanish newspapers (that I picked up at Vallarta's). I had no idea there were so many REAL Latin American restaurants here. You will never have to settle for Las Margaritas or Andales tex-mex again (although I still love tex-mex as well, but it's a whole different cuisine)! You will never hear about any of these authentic restaurants unless you read the Spanish newspapers, drive by them, or know someone who has ate there (UPDATE: some of these restaurants have been reviewed by the local English papers as well).

With a co-worker's encouragement I finally managed to get my list online. Initially I was just going to make a simple HTML table but I decided to go big instead. After seeing zacker's drupal mashup machine screencast I was inspired to make a Google Gmap mashup that showed the locations of all these restaurants.

Map of authentic Latin American/Mexican restaurants in Vancouver

Table of authentic Latin American/Mexican restaurants in Vancouver

Some of the restaurant description are only in Spanish (transcribed word-for-word from their paper advertisements) but I may translate those eventually. I will probably also write a Spanish version of this post so that Spanish-speaking Googlers will be able to find this page (I do speak a little Spanish).

If you haven't already, check out Rinconcito Salvadoreno Restaurant@ 2062 Commercial Drive for the meanest pupusas in town (in my opinion) They also nail the cortido which for me is a big part of eating pupusas and a downfall of most other places I have had these in Vancouver. They only really do the pusas in the evening (I think its after 5) and they can take awhile to do from scratch so I often call ahead a half hour and put in my order for a sit down meal.
Their number: (604) 879 2600

Thanks for your list, I just moved back to Vancouver from Mexico and I'm itching to find some good comida. Looking forward to checking some of these places out.

We are so glad you devoted your precious time to map Mexican restaurants in Vancouver but... we are not in your list it seems. Also, we would love to have you visiting our place to try our food. Thanks and see you soon! Carlos and Rosy, Calli Mexican Restaurant

Your restaurant seems pretty authentic to me, so I've added it to the list. Thanks for letting me know.

Your map is full of pins but none of them identifies a restaurant. There is no list below.
Que pena.

Si, que pena. This broke after the upgrade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. I have been meaning to fix this but, disafortunadamente, no tengo tiempo.

Does anyone know where I might buy a Spanish spice product called El Unico Paellero by Carmencita. It is paella seasoning: one box contains 5 packets. I'm sure someone must import it is it is used throughout Spain.

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