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Peru - Here we Come (and thanks

By David Grant - Posted on 27 February 2007

We just booked a flight to Peru on Monday. According to Google Earth's "ruler" feature, it will officially be the furthest I have ever flown, just a bit further from Vancouver to Lima that it is to London, England (as the crow flies). But if we go to Puno, Peru to see Lake Titicaca that will be the furthest I have ever been from home (prior to that, the furthest ever was Munich, Germany).

I really want to thank for helping me find the flight that worked best for us. recently added a "my dates are flexible" feature. This was something I really wanted for a long time. Especially with long haul flights some flights are only on certain days of the week to certain destinations. For example you can't get from Lima to Vancouver on a Sunday or Monday with Air Canada. We ended up going with a United flight and saved about $450. I probably would have never found those flights because I never use the sites that they were being sold on (Orbitz and I sometimes check but they didn't have the United flights. Anyways, is SO awesome, you should try them out and tell all your friends. I have no affiliation with them, I just want them to stay in business.


haha... I win
I've been to Linz... which is farther than Munich, Germany

but soon that will change
and by "don't want them to stay in business" do you really mean do want them to stay in business?
I think so

but I might use because I want to get back to Germany/Austria.


Rock on

Thanks for the grammar correction...I often do that. Start a sentence, then change the meaning half-way... Definitely try, it's the most useful web 2.0 app since GMail.

i just discovered too. It is awesome. I want to go to Peru but I have no one to go with.

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