Social Networking Bullshit

I'm tired of all this social networking bullshit. I mean the social networking bullshit that is always asking me to click something, creating visual noise, and generally just pissing me off because I'm not interested in sharing everything I do with the world. Today I purchased some books at Chapters and after my purchase went through I got this screen asking me if I want to "tell my friends about my purchase" on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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The only good thing to come of this is that as more and more people share useless information on social networks that no one cares about (like your lastest high score in some game that no ones care about but you, or your recent check-in at a local business, or something that you liked), more are more people will get pissed off and stop using them. I barely go to Facebook anymore because I find the ratio of crap to quality is monotonically increasing. Google+ is a bit refreshing because they are so few people that use it, there is therefore less crap; however, I can still use it for the things that matter to me, like sharing photos and videos with close friends and family (not the public), even those that aren't actually signed into Google+.

It's probably because I'm getting old, and being older and wiser, I can see things for what they are. I have no illusions that my friends will care what I buy at Chapters, and I know that Chapters just wants to sell more books. It's a little thing, but when combined with other things (the new Plum points crap), it's another reason to shop somewhere else instead.


Why not do some thing very simple

If I have two apples and give one to you, how many apples do you have?

If Mary had one lamb and the wolf ate it how many lambs has Mary?

and have thousands of this type, that change daily.

I hate Enter
Captcha Code bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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