South is amazing

I just started using South and it is awesome. I tried django-evolution and dmigrations before but they just didn't cut it. I'm just working on a project by myself but I have it running on a slicehost server and I do development on my desktop computer or laptop computer and South has made doing data and schema migrations so much easier. I love being able to create migrations on my dev box and then try them out, make sure they worked, check-in the changed code and the migration files, sync the server's code and run ./ migrate and I'm done. I used to do manual SQL operations on both databases, or just overwrite the older with the newer (if possible). I just did two quick model changes (first was adding a new field that I wanted to seed with the data from another field, and the other was just adding a new blank=True CharField) and I felt like it was an order of magnitude faster than before.



Just as a note, I don't think you have to migrate anything if you just change a CharField to blank=True as it doesn't affect the underlying schema. Only null=True/False is important.

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But I was creating a new CharField with blank=True, not just changing a field to blank=True.

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