Vancouver Park Board Swimming Lessons Screen Scraper

I was waiting for the January 2010 swimming times to appear on the Vancouver Park Board website but I got tired of all the clicking and scrolling required to see when the lessons were available. The other problem was that once the lessons appeared for one pool, some of the other pools still hadn't posted their lesson schedule for January 2010. The times that came out for the first pool were not ideal so I wanted to wait and see what came out for the other pool, while making sure that the first pool didn't book up. I wrote a script that would allow me to see what lessons were available at 2 different pools on Sunday and to see how many spots were left in each lesson. Here's some sample output:

david@centurion:~/svn/scripts$ ./ 
PT 1/2 Starfish/Duck Sat Set 1 WP - Pool Open Jan 09, 2010 11:00am 10 / 10
PT 1/2 Starfish/Duck Sat Set 1 WP - Pool Open Jan 09, 2010 12:00pm 10 / 10
PT 1/2 Starfish/Duck Sun Set 1 WP - Pool Open Jan 10, 2010 12:30pm 10 / 10
PT 1 Starfish (4-12mo) Sat 1Win1 VA - Vancouver Aquatic Centre Open Jan 09, 2010  9:00am 1 / 12

As you can see, at the "WP - Pool" pool (actually Lord Byng, the pool I was waiting on) there were just recently 3 lesson times added. At the "VA - Vancouver Aquatic Centre" pool there is only 1 spot left in one time. There are two other times but there are not shown as I have enabled filtering on only lessons that have spots left and which are on Sunday.



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