Awesome Talk by Adrian Holovaty at Vancouver Python User Group

Adrian Holovaty gave a talk to the Vancouver Python User's Group tonight. Really nice, funny presentation. His plane was late so while we waited for him we watched his talk at Snakes and Rubies. He showed us some of the new features coming in Django. The neatest thing for me was this new thing he's been working on called "databrowse". It's really awesome. Also the forms stuff is a lot nicer now in the newforms library. Someone asked about migration with Django and how to modify the schema once your app is up and running. It was neat to watch him add a column to his database and watch how he did it. It's unbelievable how many apps this guy has written and with Django it is so fast. Some of the stuff he has been doing for the Washington Post is pretty cool.



So what was databrowse?

Basically what it is a generalization of a pattern that Adrian sees on many sites he has done before. For example:

Faces of the Fallen - notice the browsing by Age, Year of Death, Home State, etc... then if you click on a person you can click on their attributes to browse others with that same attribute

Congress votes database - same pattern again, you can browse by congress, member, vote, state, essentially all the relations/tables in the db.

Chicago Crime - same story, all sorts of ways to browse the data.

Adrian wanted to automate all this, so he did. He said it was actually useful in one of his applications, in that, he used databrowse to automatically generate all these views and he noticed a way of browsing the data that he hadn't thought of, so he added it to the application.

Woohoo! Thanks for letting me know. I'll definitely have to check it out. According to the readme it looks really easy to use.

Was the talk posted anywhere?

Doubtful. I don't think it was filmed and I doubt anyone transcribed it.

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