Recipe Matcher - Find Recipes Based on Ingredients You Have is a recipe website where you enter in all the ingredients you have and you can then search for recipes that use those ingredients (the results are sorted by which recipes require you to buy the least numbers of ingredients). It's a great idea. Too bad that updating the list of ingredients you have on hand is a major pain in the ass. I filled it out quickly and for some things I checked off the box even though I didn't have it because it's something that I have no problem buying or having extra around. Like onions, tomato sauce, or chicken breasts. I don't any of those around right now but I have no problem buying them because they will easily get used up.

The one great thing this website could be useful for is finding recipes that use ingredients I want to get rid of. It is always satisfying to get rid of an ingredient that I've had in the cupboard for months. There's no way I'm going to update this website's list of ingredients I have on hand though. I may just tweak it by adding some ingredient that I want to get rid of and then using their search option that finds recipes that MUST contain a specific ingredient. I am not so sure how useful this is as Google can pretty much too the same thing and probably has access to more recipes than this website does. I have used this Cookin' With Google form in the past. There's also Google Base Recipes, which currently contains 1.12 million recipes.

Comments and did not meet my needs for a recipe search engine so I have been developing my own The problem with google base is that do not give you the ingredient list, so you would have to go to the actual source of the recipe in order to perform an ingredient based search.

Thanks so much! I have used your site only once, but I really like it so far. I will recommend it to others!

Another great site is a recipe search engine that let's you search over 1.8 million recipes from over 200 cooking websites quickly and easily.

I think it's a great idea to use this sort of thing for using up old food that has been sitting in the cupboard for too long. It's terrible to think that so many people throw food out because they haven't used it before the sell-by date. It's would also come in handy for those days when you only have a few ingredients in the kitchen and you can't be bothered to go out to the shops for more supplies.

Is there a site that you can personally build to your tastes and go back to it. For example, I hate seafood...not a fan of eggs... Diet websites always tell people to eat fish and egss. I hate them and want to be able to find replacements. If I can put in my preferences (maybe a checklist) then I can figure out things to make/eat better.


My mother used to make something she called "German Chop Suey"! I'm sure she coined that name. The ingredients are: chopped meat with rice and chopped onion "kneeded" into a mound. Cook in a dutch oven over sauerkraut. Season, of course, with salt and pepper. Near end of chopped meat/rice/onion cooking, break mound apart and add sour cream. Looks like mush - but you'll think you died and went to heaven! Hope someone recognizes this. My mother was of German decent (hence, the name of recipe) - if that helps to identify it's origins. Thank you.

I'm not german but someone gave me this recipe they called german chop suey

1 pound hamburger
onion to taste
celery to taste
1 cup minute rice
2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 cans cream of mushroom soup
1 can of milk
salt and pepper to taste

bake @ 400 30-45 munites

pretty tasty

Hi im in a cooking competition tomorrow and i have no idea what to cook with the ingredients that we are going to be given!! please help!!
The ingredients for the main course:
chicken breasts 2
new potatoes 300g
carrots 150g
broccoli 150g
button mushrooms 100g
pepper 1 green and red
onion 1
garlic 2 cloves
cheddar 100g

the ingredients for the desert are:
dark cooking chocolate 100g
strawberries 100g
double cream 284ml
milk 300ml
eggs 6
plain flour 500g
margerine 500g (250 sort and hard)
lard 250g
cooking oil 100ml
caster sugar 500g
icing sugar 500g

thankyou for your help!!!!!

I need the recipe that calls for the following ingredients:

Powdered sugar
Cream cheese 8 oz
Whipped cream 3 C
Milk 3 C
Instant choc. pudding 14oz
Instant vanilla pudding 14oz
Graham crackers 2-3 C
Whipped topping 8 oz

I have my shopping list but don't know what to do with same. HELP!!!!!

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