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My mom was writing a family cookbook using Microsoft Word and I thought this was a bad idea for several reasons. At first I thought about using LaTeX to separate the style from the content a bit, then I thought about using XML, then I settled on a database as being the most generic to store recipe data. I quickly decided on using Django to create this cookbook framework because Python is probably my strongest language and it makes creating custom websites really easy.

So far it includes:

  • Most important models, Recipe, Ingredient, Direction, Category, Food.
  • Very nice admin interface for creating recipes with inline ingredients and directions.
  • Front-end: only a recipe_list and recipe_detail so far, but the recipe_detail has an experimental method of displaying recipes that is based on this LaTeX style: (apparently based on style in a famous German cookbook by Dr. Oetker (Gromzik, J.; Reich, C.; Sander, C. (ed.): Dr. Oetker Schulkochbuch – Das Original. Ceres, Bielefeld, 1996.)

Competitors/related projects:

  • KRecipes - KDE-based desktop recipes software.
  • Ben Collins-Sussman's effrecipes - Simple, but it works. Not under active development.
  • Recipes on Rails - Ruby on Rails recipes site. Not open source as far as I know. Embeds "Source: Recipes on Rails" on all photos and has google ads. Great site though. One thing it has that my site lacks is per-direction photos. This would be easy to do. I already have per-direction ingredients.

If you are aware of any other similar projects please let me know. I am especially interested in any other web-based and open-source cookbook projects.



Gotta try your system! Mine is mostly abandonware.

This is something we would really like to incorporate. We have a lot of recipes that would benefit from "getting databased". We have looked at the rapid Joomla! recipes script, but it really doesn't give enough control of the recipe data to really make it useful for our visitors. I really like the inline directions and recipes, but wonder how it is you are entering the data - is it manual from the word document, or are you scraping the doc, parsing, and then inhabiting the database with the recipe info. Please let me know as you progress with this.

Unfortunately it is all manually data entry right now. It would be nice to have an import wizard at some point, but that is a long way off.

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