Canada Post Rates Rant

So I have this book that I was going to ship to Toronto. Here are the specifications:

Weight: 300 grams
Length: 210 mm
Width: 135 mm
Height: 25 mm

Shipping from Vancouver to Toronto via Canada Post Regular Parcel is $10.34 with a delivery standard of 5-10 business days. I thought that was grossly expensive for a very light, average-sized paperback novel. So I checked some other quotes:

  • Shipping from Vancouver to Florida via "Small Packet USA Surface" is only $6.65 with a delivery standard of 6-12 business days. It is both cheaper and barely slower than Canada Post's Regular Parcel service.
  • Shipping from Vancouver to Florida via "Small Packet USA Air" is only $7.90 with a delivery standard of 6-12 business days. It is both cheaper and barely slower than Canada Post's Regular Parcel service. I would expect that this Air Mail would be closer to 6 days and the surface would be closer to 12.
  • With FedEx Ground from Vancouver to Toronto it costs only $12.48 with a 4-day delivery standard (note: with a FedEx account it would be even cheaper). Only slightly cheaper than Canada Post's Regular Parcel, and a far better delivery guarantee.

Trim the package down a bit, to a height of just 20mm (instead of 25g) and a weight of about 250g (instead of 300g), about the size of another book I have here with me, and the price becomes only $2.49 from Vancouver to Toronto with Canada Post Lettermail and $2.99 to the US with Canada Post US Lettermail or $3.96 to the US with Canada Post US Light Packet. The prices suddenly change drastically even though the weight has barely changed.

Here are my observations:

  • Why is shipping to Florida cheaper than shipping to Toronto? I don't see how that can ever make sense, unless of course it crosses the border in Vancouver quickly and gets handed off to USPS and they are far cheaper than Canada Post. I wouldn't be surprised as I have read that USPS is much cheaper. Is Canada Post justified in having rates higher than USPS? If they are sending the package by truck, it could be most costly to drive to Toronto than to drive to Florida. Unless of course they drove to Toronto via the US :-)
  • Why is FedEx Ground with a 4-day delivery only 21% more expensive than Canada Post's 5-10 business day standard? Either FedEx Ground is highly efficient, or they are not charging enough, or Canada Post is highly inefficient or charging too much.
  • Why does reducing the package's volume by 20% and the weight by 17% lead to a 76% reduction in price? This does not make sense at all. Normally you would expect a letter and a small parcel to both have some fixed cost associated with the handling that needs to be done. So let's assume a fixed cost of $0.10 for the letter and $0.10 for a parcel. Let's say the letter weighs 0.1 kg and a small parcel weighs 1 kg. There should be some variable cost to send the package that is proportional to the weight to transport it. Let's say $1/kg. So the letter's variable cost is $0.10 and the parcel's variable cost is $1. So the letter costs a total of $0.20 and the parcel costs $1.10. The parcel weighs 900% more but it costs only 550% more. This makes sense, because of the fixed costs with each item. In my example, a package weight increase of 20% led to a cost increase of 315%. Doesn't make any sense to me. Either the letter is costing them more to ship than they are charging or they are overcharging for the 300g parcel.
  • I find it interesting that it is cheaper to send a 300g, 25mm book to the US than it is to ship to Canada, but for a 250g, 20mm book it is the other way around.

I think what we need is something like the small packets service in Canada. We also need some consistency in the rates. They are so many oddities and contradictions in the rates as I've pointed out above.

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Yeah I've caught my mailman red - handed leaving a note that I wasn't home to receive a parcel. I was just opening the door to go out and there he was leaving a pick up note. He didn't even have the damn parcel with him

You know, that you have to pay the GST on everything up to $5.-
even when you send the letter to US or abroad where GST should not apply?

As long as you tell the clerk before mailing there is no HST on Out of Country Postage.

Canada Post has the worst rates, expensive and unreasonable.

Take an example:

International Light Package: under 250 g, the rate is $8.95 ,
if it is 251 g, the rate is $15.25.

Very stupid system.

That's why there is no e-commerce in Canada.

Australia does not have big population either, but their rates are lower.

Candapost expedited is regular surface mail with tracking. Thats it. Small packet air is faster and half the price. Canada Post invented Expedited to serve the Ebay people who wanted cheaper tracking. The tracking on it is terrible as well as again - its just regular mail. It gets zero priority and no extra care. Its a way to get $15 out of you for a $2 stamp.

But you will have that number for paypal disputes. Thats the facts folks. If you stop worshipping paypal and Ebay then companys like Canadapost would not have the fool prices on the menu. Who can blame them? If you could sell a $10 haircut for $40 and call it the deluxe wouldnt you?

I recently ordered components to build a desktop computer from two different vendors, both in Richmond, B.C. Both orders were processed at similar times, picked up by the respective delivery service at similar times and also processed by those services at similar times and the pertinent information from each was conveyed via email to me at similar times. Except for the different carriers, one could suspect both vendors are one and the same despite their different names!

One shipped via Canada Post, the other used UPS, both on a Thursday. The former arrived at my door in Southwestern Ontario early morning the following Monday; the latter late afternoon the following Wednesday. Although the UPS order was within their stated delivery date, I find it interesting that Canada Post, who we all seem to love to berate, beat the expert by a considerable margin.

Yes, Canada Post can be pretty fast. I have shipped comic books to England and the buyer told me she received them in just 4 days! That's all the way to Europe! And I shipped with letterpost too, which is cheaper than parcel. For items that fits into the letterpost category, Canada Post does a pretty good job.

the main difference was the business who used UPS saved 1/2 the shipping price and both probably charged you the same price.


I fully agree and am angry at this subtle and largely unspoken kick at the arts and, I am sure, small businesses in general in Canada. On an author's behalf, I recently shipped 2 novels from Ottawa out to Sidney, British Columbia. The total weight was 0.372 kg, and the delivery cost was $11.21. This is because, in total for size and weight, it just exceeded the limit for regular mail.

I later realized that I could have simply shipped each book separately, each as a single postal mail item, and the total cost might have been about $5.50!!!

In any case, this is an indecent rip-off to Canadians by Canadians for the benefit of protecting the viability of Canada Post.

Let's face it, though --- we cannot have it both ways. If we are a capitalist society, then we survive based upon the merits of our products, services and costing framework (not to mention application of ethics and regulation).

Are we to be a socialist or (dare I say it) communist type of country? Should we rip a page out of Fidel Castro's handbook? In this scenario, security guards and hotel laundry staff would be paid well in excess of businessmen and lawyers. Hey! Maybe there IS something to that!!!

Anyway, something has got to be done ... and more open competition in the delivery industry in Canada might be the option, but would that force Canada Post to raise rates to unsustainable amounts for delivery and pick-up of regular mail to distant and remote locations in Canada?

- Roy in Ottawa

Hehe yes, shipping things separately is always the trick. I sell second hand comic books too, they are all thin, and light in general. I always weight and measure them at home before I take them to the post office, to take advantage of using regular letter post instead of parcel.

Let's say I have a few books and together they weight 900g. If that go by parcel from BC to ON, I'm guessing it's gonna be at least $13... BUT, if I mail them separately as two "documents" that's less than 500g each (and thinner than 2cm), it's only $3.25 x 2 ---> $6.50. Much better deal isn't it? hehe

You can sorta do that with stuff mailed to the US too, just do your own math... if the stuff you are mailing just exceeds 500g, instead of shipping by parcel, you can split it into a 500g + 100g letterpost and you can save 2 dollars... that is, if you don't mind through the effort of packaging them separately.

Too bad this trick only works for items that are thin and can be mailed separately... for something that's a little more bulky like a keychain, it must be sent with super expensive parcel and that sucks. D: I agree that it really sucks that US parcel is flat rate and CHEAPER, while Canada's domestic parcel goes by region and even for Vancouver to Vancouver it's still at least $8.

This complaint process ensures that Canada Post knows exactly what it's customers feel about Canada Post's Service! If you're a customer and, have been treated poorly or are unsatisfied with one of the following:


Carrier's delivery practices or carriers conduct

Carrier's treatment of your property

Junk mail delivery

Notices of Mail Delivery Problem Report (left in your mailbox)

Delivery or Parcel issues

Lack of appropriate follow-up by a Canada Post Supervisor

Summary of your postal complaint not listened to, or unfair resolution to your Canada Post complaint

Unfair practices of the Canada Post or Ombudsman outcome following discussion with either

Information pertaining to the loss, damage, or delay of an item

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With their high costs of shipping and lazy drivers Canada Post needs some competition. I recently bought an air conditioner from Futureshop, with free shipping as I dont have a way of getting it home.I knew the day Canada Post was to deliver so I waited outside to get my item so I wouldnt miss the delivery.I was outside st 10 am knowing they usually deliver around 10 - 10:30. Two oclock came and still no delivery so I checked the tracking number on my computer and it said they tried to deliver at 10:34 which was total bullshit. I said I could pick up item at post office. I received the card the next day. Why arent their drivers held accountable. If they dont feel like working that day all they have to do is fill out a card and you can pick up your item yourself.They charge too much money for nothing.

God, one of the delivery persons here pulls the same crap, but it's more transparent. He fills out the "attempted delivery slips" once he gets the package at 7:30 am. And when he comes he just drops off the slips, never even rings doorbells (because we have those darn community boxes). Good thing the person changed back to someone who rings the frigging doorbell.

Just put it in a padded envelope, slap on whatever postage you feel is fair, and drop it in a mailbox. If they have a problem, they can return it to you.

IMO, if it fits in an envelope and I can get it into a mail box, then that's how I'm going to send it. I've never had problems with things getting lost or being returned to me.

I'm just getting into this hassle with CP as I'm starting to sell books online. Firstly I noticed that a) if you get a nice clerk, they will pass something through that is a hairline out; b) if you get a lousy clerk, they'll charge you to the max. I seem to get the crappy ones. I just tried to send a book to France and was told because it was .02 over the 500g limit it would be double the price ($38.00). I took it to another outlet and they told me the same thing. She told me if I repackaged it, it might make it under the weight. How stupid is that? DOUBLE the price for a measly .02g? And here's the other thing I've been noticing. One rude clerk took my thin package (it was a paperback in one of their bubble mailers) and the little plastic "mail slot" they use to measure with and made a half-assed attempt to push it through. She didn't even raise her hands above the counter. But I called her on it. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Nope" she said, "doesn't fit" and proceeded to ring in a $22.00 sale. I had just about had enough of this crap, so I said, through gritted teeth, "TRY IT AGAIN." She gave a big martyred sigh, picked up the slot and my envelope, and without even looking, she pushed one against the other. And it WENT THROUGH!! You can't imagine how triumphant I felt and how shocked she looked! Boy was she pissed to have to change it to a $2.80 sale. I won't be welcome back at that branch again! But it just goes to show you what goes on.

I was raised on a farm, worked in forestry, as an automechanic, a carpenter and once as a letter carrier. Compared to the other jobs, the letter carrier gig was a walk in the park. My day was so short (although very early) and I had so many nice breaks I couldn't believe it. But I didn't get hired on as the nepotism line was far too long.

As for CP delivery, my guy drives the route and is as lazy as they come. If there is more than 2cm of snow at my box, he refuses delivery. Now, I'm on a fixed disability income for severe arthritis and I can't run out there and clear the box every 2 hours. Am I supposed to pay my plow guy to come by every day? Yeah right. Yet my grandmother lived in the mountains for 50 years and her mail lady never failed to get through. I find a lot of the attitudes labour or service now are so incredibly lazy and rude. I have always been a polite and pleasant person, but dealing with CP has taught me that I have to fight. It's a shame- I did call to complain about the snow issue and I told the head office people that this would make a great newspaper story. I got satisfaction the very next day. So much for the government ads that talk about how they want to help small business. If that's true then they should give CP a good swift kick in the ass. And while they're at it, get rid of half their required government fees, licenses, permits, rates and taxes that kill small business people.

I will be writing my MP and my media outlets for what it's worth. If everyone did it maybe we'd get somewhere. Good luck everyone

I would like to be able to pay less for my shipping, but you have to realize that Canada Post actually makes a profit (paid to the government) while USPS has lost $3.5 Billion last quarter.

Considering that logistical costs are much lower in the States (higher density, and population), there are major costs that Canada Post have to cover compared to USPS. As well, it isn't so much the unionized employees. USPS has just as many of them and they are given hefty Health Care coverage.

I don't mind the service although sometimes it makes me cringe, but I just don't think lower parcel rates are really feasible. Otherwise, the government will just raise taxes and either way, we're at a loss.

"Two oclock came and still no delivery so I checked the tracking number on my computer and it said they tried to deliver at 10:34 which was total bullshit."

Hit it dead on. Almost every package I have had has followed this pattern:

1) Expect package on Wednesday, doesn't show up.
2) Check mail on Thursday, find pick-up slip that says they tried delivering at 11am WEDNESDAY, and that my package will be available to pickup after 5:00 WEDNESDAY.

My "we missed you" slips seem to always show up the next day... instead of being put there when they were trying to deliver the package... hmmm....

And yes, we need a "small package" option for canadian shipments. 2cm height restriction is terrible.

I was on google searching to see if there is some hidden thign for small buisness' like myself to send out small parcels for cheaper. I came across this and I totally know ! I am based out of Edmonton, AB and I own a small buisness. I often send parcels to US and Canada. For me to ship any where in Canada it comes to like 13$ but in the states it is about 5$ which is more than half the cost! It sucks !

I have some tshirts to ship. It cost more to ship a tshirt across canada than it does to ship overseas or to the US. Canada post wants $18 to ship a tshirt within Canada. Are they nuts? I have just about had it with Canada. How is anyone suppose to make a honest living here.

I have some tshirts to ship. It cost more to ship a tshirt across canada than it does to ship overseas or to the US. Canada post wants $18 to ship a tshirt within Canada. Are they nuts? I have just about had it with Canada. How is anyone suppose to make a honest living here.

Canada Post has the championship title of Snail Mail even when its Priority. Priority Snail Mail! Registered mail doesn't guarantee much either.
The price is too expensive for the non-service that you receive. I mailed one letter Priority & a second using regular mail service to the same place, they both reached the destination at the same time. The price for this poor service is too high. Attitude of the emplyees is much to be desired! If customers in other businesses were treated with those manners, their complaints would be heard & policies would change. If a business had those practices/prices they would go out of business! Canada Post costumers complain often of slow expensive mail service. Can anything be done about it? Canada Post is a bureaucracy of lack luster postal service with very high prices & slow service. Could it be called highway gouging/fictional air service? Our mail service some years ago in the pre-computer age appeared to be was much better, much faster & much cheaper!

i sent a parcel by airmail two weeks ago to the uk does anyone have any idea who you get in touch with, if it is lost, i have had things get lost before i just dont trust canada post.

So ship with fedex and shu*t the **** up. Do you have any idea how greatful we are to have canada post as a government runed sector. Other wise I wouldnt imagine what kind of rants you would have about UPS/FEDEX rates + brokage fees custom duty fees. All im saying here is to count your blessings.

lol... Most of us here run small businesses and can't sell to customers in our OWN country because the costs are too high. You have an awful big mouth, but you probably only send out 2 or 3 letters a year. I send out approx. 200 parcels per month. The costs start getting pretty high when I'm paying on average 300% to ship 2 hours down the highway, than I do to ship 1000 miles to Florida.

You're obviously an idiot, but you did say one thing that was true in your above statement without even knowing it:

"Do you have any idea how greatful we are to have canada post as a government runed sector."

Yep, maybe you're smarter than I thought... Canad post IS a government 'ruined' sector... although you spelled ruined wrong... And also grateful....and wouldn't....and brokerage...

Listen, clueless... I had to pay $10.34 after tax to ship a DVD size package that must have not weighed more than half a pound, from Montreal to Kingston. Something of that exact same size and weight going from California to New York would cost no more than roughly $5.15 after tax in a flat rate envelope with US Postal. That's 3x the distance of Montreal to Kingston for half the price! US Postal offers "Flat Rate" envelopes and boxes, for those of you who don't know, meaning distance to travel bears no relevance to the price you pay. You just pay for the envelope or box (cheapest is like I said, about $5.15 after tax, and could fit roughly two DVDs or 5 full size magazines). There is a weight limit although it's awfully generous (perhaps 20 pounds for the cheapest I described).

Now THAT'S a rate to be "greatful" for! NOT Canada Post's ripoff prices!!

To "Anonymous", another name for "Gutless".

Rule 1: The customer is always right.
Rule 2: When the customer is wrong, refer to rule 1.

Monopolies are simply one of many forms of Gov't thieving from its citizens.

The only thing you can constantly, unwaveringly depend on from Canada Post,every time, without exception, is that whatever you post around the Christmas season will be smashed to powder as quickly as possible and kicked towards it's destination.

Who ever said the customer is always right must have been a bad customer in the first place, because they are wrong more times than right

I had to close my online business. I just can't compete with American's selling similar products when their shipping is less than half of what Canada Post charges.
I looked into switching to UPS/FedEx/Canpar/Purolator, but the rates are higher until I can prove the amount of packages that I ship per day.
If I were to ship 20-30 packages a day with a courrier I would be out of business in a week because of the cost.
Canada Post needs to bring back the small packet rate or at least flat rate boxes per region. If they did I know I would have given them at least 20 packages a month.
The flat rate box for ebay is useless. $6 for 3 boxes which don't fit very much and the shipping is usually higher than using regular rates.

Very pertinent and timely observation, even more pertinent now than ever.

Canada Post is basically strangling independent businesses.

In this country if you do not buy in bulk and ship it yourself, you simply can't make a profit.

Shipping rates is THE biggest problem shopping online. As a buyer, 9 out of 10 time I abandon my shopping cart once arriving at the last page when shipping rates are revealed. It's just not worth it.

As long as Canada Post operates the way it does, our online retail economy doesn't stand a chance.

1) always use a real post office, not a contractor facility such aS Shoppers DrugMart. That way you get served by a trained, knowledgeable postal employee instead of a poorly-trained minimum-wage person who is motivated to charge you the max possible for doing what you want

2) treat canada post employees with civility and it will go a long way towards greasing the wheels to get you good service. CPC employees get a bad rep & are treated badly which they do not deserve

3) you can always take your pkg to a CPC facility and ask what it will cost to mail. You'll have to tell them what is in the pkg and where its going. But you'll quickly get a reply.

4) when you DO mail it, make sure that you put an accurate return address in the top lefthand corner and put a complete & accurate "to" address in the centre of one face of the pkg. Bad addr ? it won't get delivered. Bad rtn addr ? it won't come back to you.


I can't believe it would cost me $20.59 to mail 8x8x8 " box weighing 2.2 lbs to California. Is there a better way!! I checked Fedex and its $20.94.. I checked UPS and for 4 lbs box its 29.40.. This just seems rediculous

this person is telling us to go to canadapost office becuase they are 'trained" better than the other outlets??
or is it that canadapost trying to AXE those who work for them too, we as small business already "work" for Canadapost, most of our profits go to canadaripoffpost, please, it's ok to have some outlets have a tiny tiny bit from the BIG pie canadaripoffpost has, to add insult to injury, our so called government was OUTRAGED over canadapost, i thought for a moment they were outraged over the new prices that take effect every year on the 17th of Jan., oh no, they were outraged over underwear, WOW the whole parties were outraged over panties on the canadarippoffpost website, pathetic we are or are they, i sell books online and on a $20 sale including shipping form buyer, becuase of the size or the weight over 500 grams, canadapost makes $12+, from BC to ONT. where is my cost of the book, commision to the website, packing expenses, and more ONT HST, are you kidding me? we have to pay HST to any province that rips it's people off with HST and what did we do to deserve all this? not to mention as the post above shipping to the US for any parcel over 1kg automatic $20+. check out USPS for their prices within the US, media mail doesn't matter the size of the item inside. Canada is a country does NOT know anything about business PERIOD, and canadapost if they lower their prices that means more work for their lazy people with the same pay, so this way prices high less work, and when they need money they will call bank of canada to bail them out just AirStupidCanada, like a soapopra never ending never let anyone take a breather, the more we sell books the more money we generate but canada says the penny stops HERE all the money would go to most expensive place on earth, thank you canada and welcome USA make yourself at home and bring more MEGA compaines and kill what canadapost was NOT able to kill, small businesses.

I ship very small items to the states and Canada. Too bad I cant scale down the box to make it fit into a letter because that would save so much money. Are there any other companies that offer cheaper shipping to the states? Would love to know, because shipping is killing me!

It is so hard to compete on ebay, or any competitors for that matter when they can offer way cheaper shipping :(

Knowing something about the post office from having worked there in the past, I can explain some things from a position of actual fact.

1. Canada Post has the 3rd lowest average postage rate of any industrialized country.

2. Canada Post exists SOLELY on the money earned from its products (unlike many other postal administrations, crown corporations, and gov't agencies who you pay taxes to subsidize). For example the Royal Post in the UK and the USPS have billions of taxpayer dollars going into their coffers.... would you rather pay for usage or have higher taxes?

3. Letters are significantly cheaper because of a highly automated process that can sort many many times faster and cheaper than those packets. In many places, including Vancouver packets are still sorted by hand.

I am in UK and get a couple of 20lb parcels a month from USA in $45 medium flat rate boxes. I would love to buy similar stock from Canada but the shipping prices are just too high. It must hurt Canadian exports. Couldn't someone set up a weekly run to collect international parcels, drive them across the border, and ship them using the USA postal system.

We in Canada already have the privilege of paying premium prices for most of our services so this is yet another example.

Chalk it up next to high wireless phone bills (Rogers etc.), Internet service providers (we're sitting as one of the most expensive in the developed countries), and even book prices compared to our southern neighbours.

Lets not forget how frequent strikes happen around our country as well.

Anyway thanks for the post and giving me a platform to vent a little :)

Here's one for the ages:

Shipping an item via Small Packets USA Air to the U.S. via Canada Post. I'll use a record album in standard cardboard LP mailer sent from Victoria, BC to Florida an example:

13" x 13" x 1" @ 500 grams = $9.90

13" x 13" x 1" @ 501 grams = $15.36

For those that are counting, that's a 0.2% increase in service/value for a 64.54% increase in price!!

I know the proportion of ripoff decreases as the parcel reaches the next threshold (1 kg), but still . . . why not a incremental system? $X for 500 grams and X$ for each extra 100 grams.

Or better yet, just a graduated system based on total weight with a "drop base rate" in place. Like, $9.90 for the first 500 grams and 1.1 cents a gram after that (1.1 x 500 = $5.50 which is the graduated difference between the 500 gram price and the 1kg price).

BTW--if the same parcel is up to 1 kg, it can go for $15.36. But, if it's even .01 grams more (that's 1/10th of a gram), it has to go for $24.56 via Expedited Parcel.

2 years ago(2009) I shipped 2 very small parcels to Edmoton and Calgary respectively (I live in Ontario). Total cost of mailing was 24.+ The cost of contents in each box was about 8.00 and weight was hardly anything. It cost me way more to mail them than what they were worth. Last year I got smart and just sent gift cards.

I now send birthday cards from online card sites where they are free to send or very cheap to purchase and send. I pay my bills online and no longer give CP satisfaction by sending anything through there. I refuse to support this over bloated union anymore.

I just bought a graphic novel on eBay, A4 in size but its paperback and fairly lightweight. The postal charges from U.S. to Ireland are $29.95, surely this is too much. It would have been cheaper to buy the novel off the shelf here

My family business spent close to $10000 last year (apparently not enough to continue getting my rate discount) on shipping through Canada post.
We buy old cell phones from schools and charities and pay for the shipping - sometimes by the bankers box at a time.
Anyways I complained to my MP several years ago about this but was told that its out of govt hands because cpc is not owned by the feds. My cpc rep tells me that the reason prices are so high has to do with subsidies that usps gets that cpc doesn't get.
As for my fellow ebayers I just wanted to warn you about small packet international, us small packet and international services - since the small packet services do not have tracking services you will not be covered by paypal seller protection and have no way of knowing when/if a buyer receives the parcel. I have now been defrauded over $250 by eBay/paypal which stole my ?money for international parcels sent with tracking that were simply slow.
As I write this in Ontarios city with the highest unemployment rate - Barrie - I am not surprised at the dim economic outlook that has been caused by successive govts that do nothing more than pay lip service to helping small business.
With the many billions expected to change hands this holiday season, it is little wonder that very little of that cash will pass thru Canadian hands.
I think its time to demand reforms to our postal service from this govt that will put us in a more competitive position for global e-commerce merchandise trade.

Hi - this is way to late (by about 2 years), but what the heck.
Just want to add my two cents.
I live in Germany and order a lot books on, and Mostly used books on Marketplace.
The rates are reasonable - 3 Euros per book in Germany, and 4 BP for shipping to Germany from the UK site.
CONSIDERABLY lower than rates in Canada.
Appalling. Many (most?) countries have a special rate for
books. Which seem logical. Don't we want to encourage reading ? Even if you're reading fiction I still consider it
something to encourage.
OK - so got rid of my rant.
Is there nothing that can be done to move Canada Post to introduce a reduced for books ????

The local shops in my town lost well over half of my Christmas purchases this year. It does not make sense to purchase a gift when it costs more to ship it than the actual sales price. All our out-of-town gifts this year were cash transfers via PayPal.

It is kind of sad because I originally taught my kids to 'personalize' their gift giving and cash, while welcome, is pretty bland.

Do you know, that Canada Post website will not inform you on what a rate is for Special delivery, or Same day delivery of letter in GTA?

you can find out Registered letter Rate only, but not Special delivery, Signature required delivery, or Same day delivery, no matter how hard you try, its not posted anywhere.


I hate Canada Post. why is so expensive? Check.. And compare salaries. USPS service is half the price and faster. Put them out of business... Do electronic bills, free and saves the some trees.....

If I'm shipping within Canada, I only ship items that can be sent via Letter mail, or if the item is worth $150+. I sell on eBay, if my item fits within lettermail, I can charge my buyers from 1-3 dollars (for items worth from 5-20 dollars). The same item, sent regular parcel within Canada, would cost $12.00. It wouldn't make any sense to pay $12.00 shipping for a $5.00 item. I noticed that shipping costs pretty much are the same no matter how big the item ($12.00 for a really small item, about $20 for a big item) so $20.00 shipping is still okay on a $150.00 item, as it includes tracking and insurance. Anyways thats my post.

Here is how we fight back with postal prices:
1) We use cheques or gift cards
2) Items that need to be delivered to family members don't go until someone has to travel on medical business (then they can write of the gas on income tax)
3) We use the greyhound bus service (which moves 50 pound boxes for about 25.00 last I looked, but probably more now)
4) We make sure that we don't use expedited or priority post unless asked for. Since it already takes 1 week for a letter to arrive at our location, what's another day? Regular post for everything.
5) Before we seal a parcel, we have post office weigh and measure it. We ask what we can do to make it cheaper - should it be thinner, a little lighter, a little smaller? If it costs $2 something to mail a book one day, and $8.00 the next day for a slightly larger book, we may choose to wait till we drive to the next town for other errands and just arrange to drop off somewhere.
6) Buy your stamps in bulk at year end before the price goes up.
7) Do not put excessive postage on parcels. Weigh things, and put exact postage on. Do not let the post office staff bully you into putting more stamps on than necessary (something they do when they are in a hurry and you are trying to figure out how best to utilize your 100's of useless stamps. Buy a selection of 1 and 2 cents stamps.

It's not surprising it costs more to ship to Vancouver than Florida.

#1. Vancouver is farther away by air (5 hours vs 2 hours), and would cost more in fuel to ship.

#2. U.S. taxes on airfare are lower than Canadian taxes. If that's the case for people, it's not surprising that it would be the same for packages.

#3. The U.S. Postal service is a big money loser, as demonstrated by the recent discussions in congress of how to deal with the problem. So they're not exactly a model of how to run a delivery service.

#4. If you don't like Canada Post's rates - choose a better alternative.

If there were a better alternative, then people would use it. I happen to be lucky enough to live near the border, so I'm perfectly happyg to pay 10.75$ to make a commercial entry into the states to ship stuff. But what about people for whom that's not possible? Any suggestions?


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