I Just Tried Windows 8

I just tried Windows 8, and to be honest it's pretty awful. It looks like it's meant for running on a touch screen but if you are a desktop user it's horribly awkward to use. I'm not sure if it's a bug but getting the task bar thingy (what's it called?) to show up on the left-hand side of the screen is very difficult. I seem to have to hover on the top-left corner and wait for an icon to appear, then move downward, then the whole task bar thingy will appear. Now that I am in the Maps App, I have to go to the bottom-left corner and a "Start" thingy appears but I have to move very fast to it before it disappears (and for some reason, clicking on it right now doesn't do anything, so I seem to be stuck in the Maps app). Ok, I seem to be able to get the Start menu button to appear at the bottom-left but clicking on it doesn't always work.

There does seem to be an app called "Desktop" but it doesn't seem possible to launch any apps from it. It just has a Windows Explorer and an Internet Explorer icon. The menu in Windows Explorer also seems horribly complicated (I guess this is the whole "ribbon" thing). Shudder. It's just awful.

All the apps seem to be full-screen, at least all the apps accessible from the "Start screen" (is that called "Metro"?). Not really sure what the deal is with that. How are we supposed to work with two applications at the same time? I can't seem to launch apps from the "Desktop" I have to launch them from the "Start screen".

I didn't think it was possibly to make something worse than Ubuntu's Unity, but it seems that Microsoft has managed to do that. BTW, I am starting to like Unity more and more (although at the moment I am taking a short break and using KDE4 instead).


Hey David,
You should give Linux Mint a go -- I've moved to Mint when unity came out and haven't looked back since ;).

I'm actually trying Linux Mint Debian Edition on my laptop. I like it so far, but mostly just because it's basically Debian (with some enhancements), and not Unity.

I've been thinking about switching my main desktop over to Linux Mint or Linux Mint Debian, but haven't made the plunge yet. I just have one big partition (no separate /home) and my /home is pretty big. I just need several hours one day to get the job done.

I am starting to like Unity more and more though and I'm thinking about just installing the Gnome port Mate and going with that. Then there is KDE4 which is pretty stable now. I still miss Gnome 2 though. :-(

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