What other employees/supervisors have said about me:

"David is a very nice and pleasant person to work with, he respects people very well. He is very helpful to work with us when there is any call escalation." --Subject Matter Expert, Kodak, 2008

"Dave quickly and confidently learned what was necessary to take over the project, and then worked with the team members to learn future requirements. . . Works independently -- little supervision required. Within 2 months he was wholly supporting PPU himself." --Supervisor, Team Lead, Kodak 2008

"Dave has been doing a very good job with the autotest project. I'm impressed with his ability to understand the diverse set of requirements and discuss them intelligently. He has also come up to speed quickly with the C# coding." --Autotest team lead, Kodak 2009

"Dave has implemented numerous changes into PPU this year. Amid tight deadlines he has successfully delivered many complex changes and improvements into PPU, PUpdate and PreCheck. When implementing changes to the code, David always emphasizes efficiency and robustness. When problems are discovered, David has always been quick to respond, providing feedback and/or solutions promptly." --QA person, Kodak 2009

"I am so amazed and thankful that he works for me. He requires almost no supervision, makes solid decisions, and quickly corrects things when he is wrong. . . He is tenacious on issues that fall within his scope, not letting go until they are resolved in a suitable fashion, whether it be with a fix or a decision that it is just not prudent to pursue a fix, or whatever. And I trust his judgment on these. Things just don't fall off his plate." --Supervisor, Team Lead, Kodak 2009

". . . Dave did it all: low level interaction with the device, web services to interact with the hardware, and code for experimentation on the hardware. Dave is a self starter, diligent, always on top of the latest technologies, and a pleasure to work with." --Supervisor, D-Wave Systems, 2007

"Dave is a remarkably solid and able software developer and person. He has great technical abilities and an aptitude and desire for learning. . . We worked very closely together and I was constantly impressed with his quiet competence and intelligence; truly, a pleasure to work with and I would certainly work with him again and, without hesitation, recommend him to anyone." --Mentor and colleague, D-Wave Systems, 2007