svn_load_dirs: E200009

If you ever get something like this:

Running /usr/bin/svn add -N --targets /tmp/svn_load_dirs_ErUQhjXmWG/targets.00001
/usr/bin/svn_load_dirs: /usr/bin/svn add -N --targets /tmp/svn_load_dirs_ErUQhjXmWG/targets.00001 
failed with this output:
svn: warning: W150002: '/tmp/svn_load_dirs_ErUQhjXmWG/my_import_wc/scripts/' is already under version control
svn: warning: W150002: '/tmp/svn_load_dirs_ErUQhjXmWG/my_import_wc/scripts/' is already under version control
svn: warning: W150002: '/tmp/svn_load_dirs_ErUQhjXmWG/my_import_wc/scripts/' is already under version control
svn: E200009: Could not add all targets because some targets are already versioned
svn: E200009: Illegal target for the requested operation

when running svn_load_dirs, try running svn_load_dirs with the -no_auto_exe option. That fixed it for me.

Not Happy With TortoiseSVN

I don't use svn in Windows much but when I do I usually use TortoiseSVN. I haven't been very happy with it lately. With TortoiseSVN installed, Windows Explorer take 5-10 seconds to start and during that time I can't use the task bar because it's a part of explorer.exe. While I like the Explorer integration idea, I'm not sure if I like how everything in Tortoise involves at least a right-click on a folder. Also, sometimes it's nice to see all your working copies in one window, although the working copies may be spread out all over your hard drive.

So I have been giving RapidSVN a try and so far I like it. Not much to say about really, it looks like a pretty standard VCS client. Only downside is that it doesn't support subversion 1.5 yet and I was planning on upgrading my svn server pretty soon.


Upgraded to Drupal 4.7.5

I just upgraded to Drupal 4.7.5 today and upgrading is now more of a snap than ever for me. I fully track the drupal sources in my own svn server and then I merge changes between the releases into my own Drupal 4.7 branch (that contains core drupal + patches + contrib modules + contrib themes + 4 sites/ directories). It is so easy. Here is an article I wrote that explains how to maintain vendor sources using Drupal specifically.


Interesting svn Recovery Problem

I was just trying to recover some files from a subversion repository at work that were deleted a few revisions ago. Here's what happened:

update to old revision where directory jlamothe still exists:

$ svn -r 2444 up -q

directory jlamothe is there in revision 2444:

$ ls
cjm  david  jlamothe  pix  wgm

updated to HEAD, jlamothe got deleted in HEAD:

$ svn up
D    jlamothe
Updated to revision 2477.

see, it is gone:

$ ls
cjm  david  pix  wgm

trying to recover:

$ svn cp -r 2444 svn+ssh://david@weatherwax/svn/repos/Docs/jlamothe . -q
svn: The URL 'svn+ssh://david@weatherwax/svn/repos/Docs/jlamothe' has a different repository root than its parent

it's there:

$ ls
Bryght  D-Wave  acheron  cjm  david  jlamothe  pix  wgm

but it wasn't scheduled for addition? although the files beneath it were.

$ svn st
?      jlamothe
M      david/decomposition.tex

This had me stumped for a long time. It turns out it was the "svn: The URL 'svn+ssh://david@weatherwax/svn/repos/Docs/jlamothe' has a different repository root than its parent" that was the problem. For some reason because I used a slightly different URL (although equivalent, thanks to my /etc/hosts file) it didn't schedule it, as if it wasn't even part of this working if I had created a new working directory within another working directory.


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