$10 Linux Distribution Donation Challenge

Someone named Thomas Cort had a create idea. For everyone to donate $10 to their software distribution for each installation they have. It got me thinking...I have been using Gentoo for almost 5 years now and I don't think I have given them a penny yet. I have done some volunteering, submitting patches and new ebuilds and such (my bugs), but no cash donations. Considering that Winblows costs well over $10 and I have been using Gentoo for 5 years for free, I am getting a good deal. Gentoo has been getting bashed around a bit lately too...so I feel bad for it. Gentoo is an excellent quality distribution with great developers and this $30 USD donation I just made is my endorsement.
I, too, would like to challenge everyone who uses a Free / Open Source operating system to make a $10 donation to their software distributor for each installed system they have.


I just purchased a Drupal Individual membership, about $32 U.S. I was totally happy to do it.

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