Latex Resume Template

Here is a résumé of mine done in LaTeX using my resume.tex template. A lot of people seem to like my template, so I've provided it here for anyone to use if they like.

LaTeX style on CTAN: George Louthan has created a LaTeX style file based on my template which is now available in CTAN (see: tucv resume style file at CTAN).

Unfortunately the content in this resume is out-of-date so please don't look at the content too carefully (see my portfolio page for my most recent resume).


Centering your name

If you want your name centered, replace the header part with this:

\textbf{\Large David Grant}
3151 2nd Ave.\ W.& \hfill cell.\ 604-831-8171 \\
Vancouver, BC V6K 1K7 & \hfill email.\ \\


The only package style/class this resume template requires is the optional shading.sty style file which is available on CTAN. I have attached my shading.sty file here and the differences from the original are:

--- /home/david/texmf/tex/latex/shading/shading.sty.orig        2006-12-27 20:37:32.000000000 -0800
+++ /home/david/texmf/tex/latex/shading/shading.sty     2006-12-27 20:39:32.000000000 -0800
@@ -140,10 +140,10 @@
 %MAR-added \long to allow multiple paragraphs in one shaded block
-    \xgrayspace=10pt%
-    \ygrayspace=10pt%
+    \xgrayspace=3pt%
+    \ygrayspace=3pt%
-    \def\outlineboxwidth{2}%
+    \def\outlineboxwidth{0}%

As you can see, I changed the parashade command's \xgrayspace, \ygrayspace, and \outlineboxwidth variables.


If you have problems with shading.sty, try Todd C. Miller's modifications to my template, to use color.sty instead.


This template was modified from Matthew Boedicker's template.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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What do you mean by "up and down"? Sorry for the super late reply.

An awesome resume..thanks for sharing it..!!

Thanks for the feedback.

What you have to do to use the shading.sty? Sorry, I am just very new to LaTex and I find that the resources on Google isn't very helpful when it comes to LaTex. There seems to be nothing much for beginners. I spent about an hour on Google prior to writing this and all of the pages I looked at weren't helpful. So again, what do I do with the shading.sty to make it show up? Thank you.

You basically put it in a folder somewhere... on Linux I put it in this folder "/home/david/texmf/tex/latex/shading". In Windows, you would need to find the equivalent folder. Here are MikTex instructions on how to install .sty files by hand.


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