Almost Ready to Upgrade Site to Drupal 5.0

A while ago I mentioned that I was waiting for a few modules to be ported to Drupal 5.x before I upgrade this site to Drupal 5.0. Well the final two modules, gmap and location were ported recently and I started creating a Drupal 5.0 installation in my subversion repository and starting testing. Everything has gone smoothly so far, including many schema upgrades by the various modules. My map of authentic Mexican restaurants in Vancouver also loads much faster now under Drupal 5.0 and the new gmap module. I also like the new default theme, Garland, that comes with Drupal 5.0. I like using default themes because it always themes all the elements correctly, provides for easy upgrades when the next version of Drupal comes out, and I just don't have time to invest in my making my own Drupal template that actually looks any better than the default. This site should be running Drupal 5 within a couple of weeks.



I am sorry for sending email all of sudden.
But, I got stuck to setting up GMap(5.1) in my drupal(5.1).
What I want to do is exactly same as what you did.

Could you mind to tell me how did you set up the Gmap module into your drupal.

I downloaded Gmap 5.1 and put it under modules folder, but Only GMap and GMap Macro Builder can be enable.(GMap Location & GMap Views Integration is turned gray).
I can't also set Gmap to Dynamic(Box is gray again.)

I spent 2 days to figure out it but now I want to ask someone who is knoweldged person.

Hope I can get reply from you.

Best regards.


Have you installed the Drupal location module?

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