Boil This

After some torrential rain and other weather stuff that I was totally oblivious to, a boil water warning was issued for the entire Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD). I wish I had bought some bottled water earlier; now I am pretty dehydrated. I would drink the water in our fridge that we boiled earlier but it is just so cloudy and gross-looking. You don't appreciate something until you lose it, and I definitely appreciate our normally clean drinking now.


I think people went a little overboard on this water quality thing. Dad said they didn't even find anything in the water, it was only discoloured because the stormy weather turned up a bit of dirt or silt...nothing that is really going to hurt you. I heard on the news that people really don't have much to be concerned about providing you are healthy with a strong immune system. People with compromised immune systems needed to be extra cautious but I drank water during the "advisory" and no big deal. Some people go every day of their lives without an adequate, clean water supply and we are complaining and getting very worked up over a couple days of a little bit of dirt in our water.

It's funny you're talking in the past tense but our water is still very "turbid" in Vancouver according to the GVRD. It has gone down a lot, it's now 11-13 and it was 20 a couple days ago, but Coquitlam reservoir is feeding non-Vancouver/Burnaby areas and it is at 2.7. Yeah I think the people who are buying tons of water are a bit paranoid. My only complaint is that it tastes a bit like dirt.

ya, but there's no ban in richmond anymore and it was lifted early so i've been drinking normal tap water for a few days. In fact I drank some during the ban and it should be past tense because people need to stop being so stuck up about having a little dirt in their water, mix it and make juice...then you won't taste it :)

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