Daniel Robbins Returning to Gentoo?

Crazy news tonight, that Daniel Robbins (gentoo founder) is returning to Gentoo. Gentoo rocks with or without him, but that would be awesome if he came back. No mention of it over on his blog yet, but I'll be sure to checking there over the next few days. Oops, I was wrong, there is an article on his blog. that apparently started it all. So looks like maybe he'll just be becoming a developer again, rather than resuming his former role of Chief Architect.

Here's all the info I have about the bug about it (grabbed from an IRC bot):

http://bugs.gentoo.org/145649 nor, P2, All, christel@gentoo.org->recruiters@gentoo.org, NEW, pending, New Developer: Daniel Robbins (drobbins)(kingtaco, due soon)

Also, Gentoo 2006.1 was released today. Doesn't really mean much to me as my systems are always updated on a daily basis. I kind of wished they had made gcc-4.1.1 stable on x86 prior to the 2006.1 release so that more users could have had a crack at it.

There is already one review written about it.