Destruction of Trees in Stanley Park - Due to Global Warming?

Here is some footage of the damage done to Stanley Park's trees during a recent wind storm.

The guy in the film likes to blame the destruction on global warming. Although I agree that world temperatures are rising, and I do agree that winds are partly caused by warm air rising or cold air falling which is all affected by air temperature, I would be interested in seeing some hard facts like number of days with winds over 50 km/h or something like that. Or average wind speed for every year since 1900. I am sure I have heard statistics like number of hurricanes per year and such. Last year was definitely a bad year for hurricanes in the Northern Hemisphere. We are all familiar with the "hockey stick" graph of global temperatures, it would be interesting to see a similar graph charting other weather observables.

Update (2007/01/08): this just hit the news today as John Baird, Canada new Minister of the Environment claimed that this freakish weather was due to global warming. Even if this wasn't due to global warming at least it will bring more attention to the issue.

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