Drupal Module Updater

This script will automatically update a drupal module if your drupal source code is stored in a Subversion respository. It first removes all files except for the .svn directories, then extracts the tarball for the new version of the module. Then it runs an svn status command to see which files are new, which files have been removed in the new version, and which files have changed. The difference between this and svn_load_dirs is that renames aren't handled (well svn_load_dirs doesn't really handle them very well either). This basically mimicks exactly how I was updating my modules manually before. There is a slight problem if you have made customizations to your modules. The only solution I can think of is to merge the difference between some old changes that you made. If you log your changes carefully it shouldn't be too difficult to do this. This could easily be scripted as well.



Thanks! This script was very helpful.

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