mp3 Sample Clip Creator With Fade-In/Out

This script will create mp3 sample clips. I created it to automatically create sample mp3 clips for a friend of mine's (Will Stroet) website. You can tweak the length of the clip and the fadeout. Unfortunately it can only create samples that start at the beginning, however, it could be easily modified to start anywhere. It depends on the quelcom library, lame, and mpg123.



Hi there

I'm looking for a script like this but I have no ideia how python works. Will this run on a windows server? If so could you explain how can I use the code?


I too am desperatly trying to automate peoples albums. My deal is I have a band thats been playing since the 1970's they have 3 albums 10 songs each. I have a plugin for Joomla! Cms that has a directory for the full mp3 and one for the sample mp3's. All I care to do is automate the sample creation process. Like GUI that allows pointing to a folder with the full mp3's, and option to point to an output folder that the samples will be created in. Looks like I am going to have to run VirtualBox and my UBUNTU 64bit and try to attempt to get your script to work. Not sure how much work is involved but This 'script' would be awesome to work in windows! I would even buy a program from you that automates this task. An idea would be to randomly pick a 2 minute clip from within a random starting point in any song, instead of just the beginning. good work though and excellent idea for people who arent audiophiles but web developers like myself!

I then can put my samples up on a buy now button then they get linked after payment thru paypal to the full mp3.


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