Muse in Seattle 2007

Finally a review of Muse's September 2007 concert in Seattle! Now I'll give my own pseudo-review:

I drove down to Seattle to this concert to witness the amazing UK band called MUSE. Many Canadians have not heard of Muse and many would be surprised to learn that they are #4 on Last.FM's weekly play charts and have been there for quite some time. They have been around for a long time, but are so far only well-known in Europe. I downloaded just handful of their top songs about 1-2 years ago and was drawn to them because I thought a few of their songs sounded a bit like Radiohead. The more I listened to them I realized how different they are from Radiohead (at least the Radiohead of OK Computer, which is the only album I listen to). After more and more listens I grew to like them more and more and eventually I had to have all their albums. They have become somewhat of a Pink Floyd to me, where almost every song is awesome and worth listening too and I almost never skip a track. So back to the concert...

We drove down to Seattle for this concert because they aren't playing in Vancouver this year and I couldn't pass up on this opportunity. When they started with Knights of Cydonia a few guys two rows down stood up and blocked our view. Some people were telling them to sit down but the guys refused and told everyone to stand up. Eventually the entire section was standing up and getting into it and singing along to the chorus. Unfortunately I didn't write down their songs, nor did I memorize it. Invincible was particularly awesome and gave me goose bumps for some reason. City of Delusion (one of my favourites) was awesome of course. Starlight (the top Muse song on Last.FM) was also great. I actually get somewhat tired of the recorded version of Starlight but hearing it live was so much better. Butterflies and Hurricanes included the piano solo near the end which I love. Sadly they didn't play Space Dementia which also has some awesome piano. I also enjoyed the Feeling Good cover (another great piano song). Mostly it was a guitar and drum show though with some pre-recorded electronic stuff with a little bit of piano. They just can't play a bad song.

Matthew Bellamy was amazing and totally owned the show. Didn't talk at all, was totally focused on what he was doing. He went from one amazing song to another, playing piano, singing, and playing guitar. Their bass player and drummer are also amazing of course, but Matt kind of steals the show.