My Contributions to the Open Source Community

I thought it would fun to take a trip down memory lane by rediscovering all the little contributions I have made over the years to open-source projects or related things.

  • Although I filed many mozilla bugs, many of them were duplicates or invalid, but a few of them were real bugs and ended up getting fixed. Mozilla Bugs: #177635, #124625
  • I reported and submitted ebuilds/patches for many gentoo bugs.
  • I also contributed many ebuilds to the Gentoo Sunrise overlay
  • Patch to rsnapshot to make it retry rsync operation a defined number of times. One of my network cards seems to have problems with rsync.
  • Patch to gnucash and patch to Finance::Quote to fetch quotes for TD Canada Trust e-funds (version 1.8.10)
  • I have somewhere between 1500 and 2000 contributions to Wikipedia. I wish there was a way I could figure out how many of those were new articles, rather than just small edits to existing ones.
  • Back when I used to use Debian in 2003, I maintained a package called camserv and did 2 releases.
  • I was one of the instigators of the ooextras project. I didn't have time to create a website at that time, so someone else did. I think he created a php-nuke site at first and we all helped configure it. Then he ditched that site and made a custom php site. I contributed a couple templates to that site back in 2002.
  • Before GNUMed had it's 0.1 release, I created the GNUMed wiki. It was running on my computer at the University of Waterloo for a while until it eventually moved to a server in Spain (, and now I'm not sure where it lives but it finally has a proper domain name. I had started to work on the source code, however, I was too immature as a software developer to really help out much.
  • Small patch to drupal location module that added supported for geocoding with
  • Tiny, tiny change to eyeD3 id3 library. I added a small one-line function to the API.

Things I wrote:

  • pairfetch
  • renew
  • Latex resume template

Update: lots more since then. Some of my own projects are visible on my page


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