NoMachine NX is awesome

Use NX. VNC sucks.

I love Remote Desktop for connecting to Windows machines remotely. I worked from home many times while at Kodak and if it weren't for Remote Desktop, it would have been impossible to enjoy a full-screen connection to my work desktop while at home. I didn't think there was anything for Linux besides VNC until now (I had used remote X a long time ago though, to connect to the Solaris machines at UBC). Then I discovered NoMachine NX (NoMachine is the company's name and NX is the product name). I downloaded the Free Edition for Linux and then grabbed the Windows Client (which apparently is also free?). It's ridiculously fast, as fast as Remote Desktop. Google is also working on neatx an open-source NX server implementation and there is the freenx project, a GPL-licensed implementation of the server and client components. If you are trying to connect to a Linux desktop remotely, don't even think about using any of the VNC derivatives. Use NX.



Thanks for the glowing review of NoMachine NX. We are happy that you have found that it helps you out with your remote access needs.

All of our NX Client software is free as well as the NX Free Edition Server product.

You also mentioned connecting to Solaris machines. We also offer the NX Free Edition Server for Solaris SPARC if it would provide a benefit for you.

In the next release, NX 4.x, we will be offering a NX Server for Windows as well.

Keep on NX'ing!

Thanks again,

/John Watts
NoMachine Americas

The installation/configuration/server launch is just too confusing and doesn't make a bit of sense

I used NoMAchine steadily since its inception, it was the best.

Now they have ruined it. Myself and other have struggled for weeks to get the new version to accept the client dsa key. It simply wont let you. Not that it fails in the connection, simply that there is no place to enter the key. Admins on the new forums have been hostile, combative, and rude. They refuse to accept that there is a problem, and give faulty advise regarding the new functionality.

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