Plastic Guns a Myth

A few nights ago we had some family over for dinner and we were talking about ridiculous airport security like the ban on liquids and such. I noted that it was possible to carry a plastic gun into an airport. Some had doubts that there were plastic guns, and I agreed, I could be wrong, but there are always plastic explosives :-) Anyways, I was dead wrong about the gun thing, but it turns out others were as well, when it came to the GLOCK 17. The GLOCK 17 has a plastic frame, and "early reports about the GLOCK incorrectly suggested that it was a wholly plastic gun, and so would not show up on metal detectors. In fact, the slide and the barrel and many other internal parts, comprising about 80% of the gun's mass, are made out of metal." Apparently no 100% plastic gun exists today. Plastic explosives do look easy enough to get on a plane, however, and detonate, and I'm not sure what anyone can do about that barring having bomb dogs sniff every passenger and bag. It does look like there are some solutions out there, including one designed at BC's own TRIUMF.

I'm probably going to get picked up tomorrow on terrorism charges under the anti-terrorism act. I just did a google search for plastic guns, plastic explosives, plastic knives with the words airport and security thrown in there. Oh well I'm sure others have searched for a lot worse.

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