Rockstar Energy Drink

I had one of those Rockstar Energy Drinks today. I was in 7-Eleven and none of the usual drinks looked very appealing. I also felt a bit tired and so drinking an "energy drink" seemed like a good idea at the time. A while later I found myself at work getting very little accomplished. I was fidgety, uncomfortable, and overall, in a weird state of mind. For some reason I had no idea it was the energy drink that was the culprit. I had attributed my uncomfortable feeling to my new ergonomic keyboard and a new chair that I was test driving. Later at night I was telling my wife about it and then I remembered the Rockstar energy drink I had before work. I also remembered having a similar day many months ago, a day in which I had consumed a can of Rockstar. Apparently Rockstar contains 160mg of caffeine, twice as much as a Red Bull and more than the average cup of coffee. Since I never drink coffee (I've had one cup in my life) or tea, or consume any significant amount caffeine from any source the 160mg I had today must have felt like even more to my body. Stay away from Rockstar kids, unless you are used to caffeine.



I used to be a complete coffee addict. I liked the taste, the aroma, everything, not just the effect. I gave it up and replaced it with Black Tea and I feel great. I believe in the natural energizers like that because I tried them, even legal weed taken with moderation has tonic effects.