Save Zap2It Labs Free MythTV Schedules

To all you MythTV users out there, if you use Zap2It Labs' freely available TV listings, there was some potentially sad news today. Zap2It Labs announced that their free TV guide service would no longer be available. If you are like me and you rely on this data source in order for your MythTV box to function, go to Zap2It's forums and let them know that you do not want the service to stop and if you are willing to pay for it, let them know that as well. There are two threads of interest in the Announcements section.



I had one MythTV box years back and it was neat but my graphics card wasn't so hot at that time. I've considered getting into it again after seeing a booth at SCALE 6x.

Fear-not fearless open sources PVR’ers, the people over at MythTV are real close to striking a deal (albeit a pay one) to have listing services continued.

Zap2It labs, which has provided free TV listings in Canada and the US announced last month that they were discontinuing their free service. Shortly thereafter a group of Mythtv and XMLTV developers joined forces to explore alternate avenues.

The answer, They are offering the same level of service as was offered by Zap2It labs for $15 / 3 months. They aren’t quite ready to offer the service yet but they are assured that the service will be ready to go before the September 1 deadline that was set by Zap2It labs last month.

I'm going to do the same for my dom and date sites.