site5 is Annoying me Today

I never have access to wget or ssh for any of my site5 accounts by default. I always have to file a ticket asking them to give me access. Half the time it takes 2 or 3 tries for them to get their 'fix' right as well. This time it is really bothering me because I filled out the ticket 24 hours ago and they still haven't responded.

Update: I switched to slicehost a long time ago. Much, much better.


I wish I had the time to tell you all about my Site5 woes. I still have some sites stuck on them with their terrible support and slow servers. You'd think paying them $35/month would host 2 low volume sites comfortably. Nope. Oh, and average response time for tickets has been 2+ hours. Resolve time is in the days.

dan, who do you use now?

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