Latex Resume Template

Here is a résumé of mine done in LaTeX using my resume.tex template. A lot of people seem to like my template, so I've provided it here for anyone to use if they like.

LaTeX style on CTAN: George Louthan has created a LaTeX style file based on my template which is now available in CTAN (see: tucv resume style file at CTAN).

Unfortunately the content in this resume is out-of-date so please don't look at the content too carefully (see my portfolio page for my most recent resume).


Centering your name

If you want your name centered, replace the header part with this:

\textbf{\Large David Grant}
3151 2nd Ave.\ W.& \hfill cell.\ 604-831-8171 \\
Vancouver, BC V6K 1K7 & \hfill email.\ \\


The only package style/class this resume template requires is the optional shading.sty style file which is available on CTAN. I have attached my shading.sty file here and the differences from the original are:

--- /home/david/texmf/tex/latex/shading/shading.sty.orig        2006-12-27 20:37:32.000000000 -0800
+++ /home/david/texmf/tex/latex/shading/shading.sty     2006-12-27 20:39:32.000000000 -0800
@@ -140,10 +140,10 @@
 %MAR-added \long to allow multiple paragraphs in one shaded block
-    \xgrayspace=10pt%
-    \ygrayspace=10pt%
+    \xgrayspace=3pt%
+    \ygrayspace=3pt%
-    \def\outlineboxwidth{2}%
+    \def\outlineboxwidth{0}%

As you can see, I changed the parashade command's \xgrayspace, \ygrayspace, and \outlineboxwidth variables.


If you have problems with shading.sty, try Todd C. Miller's modifications to my template, to use color.sty instead.


This template was modified from Matthew Boedicker's template.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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i've installed your shading and i get a low resolution grey shading ... but when i convert to pdf or tex2pdf i dont get any shading on \resheading's , do you have any suggestions ?

I found that pdflatex did not show the shading but that if I created a dvi file and used dvipdf to convert to pdf it would show up. For my own resume I decided to use color.sty (which should come with most LaTeX distributions) instead of shading.sty. You can take a look at to see what I did.

Great resume there. I'll have to look at your source and check out what tweaks you used.

Thank you very much to both of you = )

The shadings would not render using the shading.sty file with pdflatex. (Sigh, stuck with miktex for now)
Tried switching to colorboxes but they wouldn't render either.

modified Todd's version to:


the fullpage package was the culprit, changed it to geometry


latex resume.tex
dvips -Ppdf -t letter resume.dvi

The shading is some sort of ps thing...which is why (if I'm my memory serves me right) the shading doesn't show up on the dvi. I always had to go from dvi to ps to pdf, rather than direct form dvi to pdf.


Your template is very good... Thank you for sharing it!!!
I have one question.. Why the text is not justified??? The TEX documents are justified automatically..

Best regards

I have the same question, do yo know why?

Why can't I get rid of the number sign as in:
#666-1234 Main Street

When I try taking it out I get this error:
! Undefined control sequence.

You need to remove the "\#", not just the "#".

Thanks for a great and professionnal CV template! I also noticed that the shading would not show if I compiled the LaTeX source with PDFLaTeX directly. As a workaround, you can replace \parashade with this:

\definecolor{shadecolor}{gray}{0.85}  % Background color of title bars
      \textbf{\sffamily{\mbox{~}{\large #1} \vphantom{p\^{E}}}}

Now, PDFLaTeX correctly shows the shaded background of title bars.


Thanks for the tip,
but I don't managed to substitute your code in the right way.

Anyone can help me?

I'm a newbie of LateX... :)

A quick search for xcolor.sty and framed.sty, added them to my document directory, and the shading shows up! Thanks!

ok david, not going to lie to you, love your resume/cv, desperately want to copy it. I am an latex rookie, and have made a CV on latex which is very similar to this:

but i think for a graduate your template is much better

the only trouble is i am finding it very difficult (impossible) to obtain an output from your tex file into PDF... and so this has made it difficult (impossible) for me to edit you tex file and make the resume/CV my own.

I guess the issue is the shading thing you mentioned above (which i presume provides shading in the section boxes - which i dont really need). How can i make your resume into a tex file that doesnt come up with like a thousand errors????!!!!!

Thanks very much,


To disable shading just change this line:

\newcommand{\resheading}[1]{{\large \parashade[.9]{sharpcorners}{\textbf{#1 \vphantom{p\^{E}}}}}}

Remove the \parashade[.9]{sharpcorners}{}

What are the errors that you get? I usually do my documents in 3 steps (but automated with Kile):

  • latex resume.tex
  • dvips -Ppdf resume.dvi
  • ps2pdf resume.pdf

Try that.

it says shading.sty not found, and Fatal error occured - no PDF file produced! Also something about pagestyle(empty) in line 29 - "Emergency Stop"

ive removed what you suggested to remove above, so the line reads:

but when i save, build and view again no PDF file is produced, with ALL the same errors as above.

Please help!

[PS i dont understand what you said above... what is kile, what do you mean by build in 3 steps]

Thank you so much

You need to learn latex.

But anyways, you should replace the line to look like this:

\newcommand{\resheading}[1]{\textbf{#1 \vphantom{p\^{E}}}}

or, put shading.sty in your latex path. Put shading.sty in ~/texmf/tex/latex. I think that's right. Sorry I'm not at my home machine right now so I can't verify.

Kile is like an IDE for editing latex documents. Google for "kile".

I appreciate your help david, but how EXACTLY do i "put shading.sty into my latex path"? I don't understand. I tried modifying that line of script and it still came up with an error (and no pdf file was produced). I'm sorry, I know I need to learn latex properly, but at the moment I don't have time... I'm learning enough to do my maths project and CV in and hopefully over summer I can learn it properly.



Actually my shading.tex file is in ~/texmf/tex/latex/shading (this is for Linux). Are you using miktex for Windows? If so, I'm not sure where you would put shading.sty.

If you are still having problems just search for all the occurrences of resheading and replace them all with something else.

try this page:

i think the issue you're having is that you've put the sty file in the right place, but you need to have LaTeX re-index and realize it's there. Please correct if i'm wrong about this!

I'm just learning LaTeX, too; it's a lot like Lilypond, a typesetter for sheet music.

thanks for posting this resume template!


True. Although in some tex/latex setups you don't need to re-index, you can just drop them in and right away it will work.

so now i don't have the shading.sty not found. instead, i have Missing \begin{document}, although it's clearly there. if LaTeX is anything like Lilypond, that means there's some syntax error somewhere above, but I haven't been able to track it down yet.


Start commenting out large swaths of code to isolate where the problem is.

The top of the file should be mostly pre-amble stuff. You could diff my .tex with yours and you might discover the problem (if the problem is before the \begin{document})

ok some progress:

if i comment out "\usepackage{shading}" i lose the "missing \begin{document}" message, then just keep hitting return through this message until the file is compiled:

Overfull \hbox (36.13498pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 48--53
! Undefined control sequence.
\resheading #1->{\large \parashade
[.9]{sharpcorners}{\textbf {#1 \vphantom ...
l.57 \resheading{Education}


then, instead of shading, i get "[.9]sharpcorners" at the beginning of the lines that should be shaded.


Hey Steven can you paste your code to here: and then give us the URL. I'll give it a try and hopefully fix your syntax errors.

I ran the file that you pasted and I had no problem. It looked a bit weird because you had the \usepackage{fullpage} uncommented (it should be commented).

It doesn't look like you commented out the shading package? It looks like you just uncommented the fullpage package? I think that's why it's failing for you. Because you didn't comment out the shading package and you don't have it installed.

If you comment out the shading package correctly, you'll want to change this line:

\newcommand{\resheading}[1]{{\large \parashade[.9]{sharpcorners}{\textbf{#1 \vphantom{p\^{E}}}}}}

to this:

\newcommand{\resheading}[1]{{\large {\textbf{#1 \vphantom{p\^{E}}}}}}

so the "missing \begin {document}" message means that shading.sty didn't install correctly, right? so what would account for the disappearance of the previous "shading not found" error?


Actually David when uploaded the style file uploaded in the txt format. Change it to a latex class file. Make a folder and keep both the Tex file and class file in the same folder and then compile. This will solve ur problem. Dont worry...this was a mistake made by the guys who uploaded the files and not by you. you are doing good with Latex. Best of Luck

Excellent work! What are p and E used in the vphantom definition? Do you have a link with more info? Thank you!

First let me just say that I love your resume template. It's the best I've seen yet.

However, I discovered a few days ago that my university's online job application system (for graduating students to apply for positions at companies with whom the university has career relations) will only all the uploading of word processing documents. It won't accept PDFs, which is particularly stupid because it ends up converting the documents to PDF anyway. I tried using latex2rtf, but it puked on trying to process the shading.

Is there a reasonably simple way that you know of to convert to RTF or MS Word format and preserve all the prettiness and formatting that prompted me to use LaTeX in the first place?


That is really dumb that it won't accept PDF.

There are some PDF to Word converters online. Give them a try. Or you can just copy and paste the info manually. It won't take you longer than an hour or two. I have a Word equivalent of my template if you want it. I also had to convert it to Word at some point. Actually it was originally in Word, I converted it to LaTeX, then many years later I had to move the data back in to Word. If any company ever asked me to convert it to Word nowadays though I won't bother applying there.

How about an even more convoluted path. PDF to OO (open office, or ODF format). That might work better than PDF to Word. Then you can convert the OO to Word using OpenOffice's Word converted which is pretty damn good. As long as they can search the document and/or convert it to PDF and have it still look like the original then you're good.

Excellent resume and thanks for the template.

I'm not too well versed in LaTeX so I have a few questions about some things I am trying to adjust.

Firstly, I like the way you are using the bullets under the work experience section, and I am trying to incorporate it into a section of my own resume. However, some of the items in mine only need a single tabular line instead of two. I tried to make another command paralleling your "ressubheading" command to no avail. Can you please help me to do so?

Secondly, I'm also doing a scores section with structure similar to your awards section. My items on the left are much shorter though, about 10-20 characters each, and to have the score of each test so far to the right is unappealing. How could I move the second column further to the left, perhaps slightly to the left of the middle of the column?


What we have currently is this:

		\textbf{#1} & #2 \\
		\textit{#3} & \textit{#4} \\

What I think you want is something like this:

		\textbf{#1} & #2 \\

You would use it like this: \myressubheading{Company}{City} or something like that. The [2] is the number of arguments for the "command". The arguments get filled in where you see #1 and #2 in the command's definition. You can see that the first argument is bold using the textbf command.

As for the awards table, you need to play with the column specification:


In this example, I've defined two left-justified columns. You can play around with that some more to meet your needs. If you want a little more space, do this:


Change the 0.5in (0.5 inches) to whatever you want. More info on latex tables here.

I wanted some help on how to modify the 2nd row of the \ressubheading to \multicolumn{2}. I tried that and it gives me error.

Hello, I have built a few more LaTeX and XeLaTeX cv templates at
I would really appreciate your feedback on my work since I'm not particularly experience with LaTeX.

I introduced a couple of changes to this nice-looking template.

1. I integrated subversion information so that I can keep version information within the file:

%---------------- MPC: Subversion integration ----------------

2. I introduced a custom footer containing the last changed date info, my name and page numbering.

%---------------- MPC: Custom headings ---------------------
\fancyhf{} % clear all header and footer fields
\fancyfoot[C]{Melvin P\'{e}rez--Cedano's R\'{e}sum\'{e}}
\fancyfoot[L] {Updated: {\svnfileyear-\svnfilemonth-\svnfileday}}
\fancyfoot[R]{\thepage\ of \pageref{LastPage}}

Hope you find these changes useful.

Melvin Perez-Cedano.

thanks, this is the best latex template ive seen so far

I have never actually posted anything in my life, but I felt compelled to post a big thank you for giving out your latex resume template. It is very much appreciated. The link above which describes how to obtain the grey shading worked extremely well. Thanks again!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

I've removed the shading package requirement, since I had trouble installing it with MacTeX.


Cool, thanks for sharing with others.

I was able to compile the code successfully on MacTeX. I'm using TeXShop, the shading.sty file is in the same folder as the .tex and I have set options "LaTeX" and "TeX and DVI" on the Typeset menu.

It runs perfectly just like it used to on my linux box!!


Long time no talk to... I had lost all of your styles once upon a time, but with the help of google, and a quick search, here I am.

I know you used to use Kile, but would the process work under lyx? Actually, I should just go back to doing everything in emacs, but...


I don't have much experience with Lyx. Since Lyx is built on top of LaTeX there is no reason why it shouldn't be possible to replicate the same thing in Lyx, AFAIK.

I was learning LaTeX and needed a new resume anyway, this template saved me quite a bit of work.

I cannot get the shading bar working. Can any one tell me why? I tried all the alternatives mentioned in the comments

Can you post the exact steps you took to build it?

Hey David

I liked your resume, but I noticed one thing, that the bullet is not indented as should be. Its up and down. Any specific reason for it? I also want to modify your template a bit, but I am noob in latex. I wanted to shift the date of courses in LHS and also I want to add name of my supervisor in the project.Can you help me please


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