Diapers Naturally Diaper Service in Vancouver

Update (2013-10-29): as of November 1st , 2013 Diapers Naturally has retired and Happy Baby Cheeks will be servicing all Diapers Naturally customers

Update (2009-07-08): Diapers Naturally now has a website!

Diapers Naturally is a Vancouver-based diaper service that has had absolutely no web presence. I found them in the Yellow Pages (the old-fashioned print one) and read an article about Diapers Naturally at mamatang.ca which I found by searching Google. The only other service I know of in Vancouver is Happy Nappy, which is considerably more expensive.

We have been using Diapers Naturally for just over one week now with our newborn since May 2009 and so far we love it. We started with 70 diapers per week (we only had 2 days of this before the next delivery) but we found we were using more than 10 diapers per day so we increased it to 80 diapers per day. After almost one full week we are on target to use about 85 so we have just upped it to 90 diapers per week. That costs $20.00/week for the deluxe contoured diapers (no folding required) + $8 for 100 cotton wipes (we use just over 1 per diaper change). The pail rental is free since we ordered 4 weeks of service. We started with 2 Bummi Original velcro covers and 1 Bummi Super Whsiper but we found they get dirty once in a while so we are ordering 3 more velcro covers. Diapers Naturally sells used velcro covers for $2-$5 or new ones for $10.95 or $11.50 for the Bummi Original or Bummi Super Whisper, respectively.

I've scanned all the material we got from Diapers Naturally in the mail and created a PDF document. Thanks to Louise for rotating some of the pages for me.

Diapers Naturally diaper service information (PDF)

If you sign up with Diapers Naturally mention my name and I'll get $10 (the account is actually under my wife's name, but I'm sure they don't have a ton of Grants in their system).



Thanks for taking the time to write this and scan their material in, David - much appreciated! We're expecting our first child in August and have started looking for a service in Vancouver - Diapers Naturally definitely sounds worth checking out.

I see they offer rewards for referrals too; if we go with them, we'll be sure to mention that you referred us.

Hi David,
Small world! We work for the same company and a colleague just showed me your blog. I've been working with Diapers Naturally on a website which we just launched yesterday. Check it out: www.diapersnaturally.ca.

We've been using their service for a few months now and love it! My son had constant diaper rashes from our 'wash at home' diapers and since starting the service they've completely disappeared.


Cool, we've been using it for 2 months, since our baby was born and we love it! The new site looks great. I'm so glad they have a web presence now. One small thing is some of the text on that site is not text, it is image-based, so that means google won't be able to read any of those pages. For example, this page: http://www.diapersnaturally.ca/index.html and this page: http://www.diapersnaturally.ca/page6/page7/page7.html. There's also no email address to contact them.

DN isn't on email yet unfortunately, maybe one day. Getting a website was a pretty big step for them!

You're right about the text search thing. I'll have to do something about that, and also fix my poorly named pages. It's been years since I've built a website!

Thanks for the feedback,

Can report that a search for "diaper service Vancouver" results show Diapers naturally as the first result:)

When I started researching cloth diapering services to open my business on the Sunshine Coast, I noticed there was no web presence which is so important these days as moms are too busy to be fussing with trying to find information through other sources. To be able to search and click to find out about the services is more practical and easier for those who have minimal time to spend researching and more time being with their baby! I think its a great that the site has been created and I have already had two friends on the mainland sign up!
Theressa, Halfmoon Diaper Service, Sunshine Coast BC

Diapers Naturally are a great company. Unfortunately their diapers just are not as absorbent as Happy Nappy, I have tried both. I like how Happy Nappy snaps together, the cover is not holding the diaper in place, the diaper is held in place on its own. I guess it’s not as bad when baby is small, but once baby starts moving around pre-folds just don't cut it.

Happy Nappy gave me a 23% discount for committing to them for one year. Really this works out to only $19.95/week. I do much less laundry now so the price really does even out.

Just thought I would share my experience. I think its amazing how you all are using cloth. The reailty is we truly are making a difference on our childrens future. The less diapers in our landfills the better.

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