Adrian Holovaty Talk and Django Jam in Vancouver

This Sunday, the Vancouver/Zope User's Group (maybe the Zope part should be removed? sorry guys) is having a "Django Jam", a hands-on session where you can see how to create some simple applications or perhaps here some people talk about things they have developed in Django. Unfortunately the two applications I am working on are immature right now and I don't have a laptop, but I'll be there checking out what other people have done.

Tuesday is even more exciting as Adrian Holovaty, the lead Django developer/founder is going to give a talk to the Python User's group while he is in town for another conference. If you are interested in web frameworks (especially simple ones done in a cool language) come and check it out.

Vancouver DjangoJam.

Full invite text follows:

Django is the Python-based web framework used at companies like
Google, the Washington Post and St. Joseph Media (publishers of
Canadian Life magazine).

"Vandjangojam" is a great opportunity to learn Django or learn more
about it. In addition to a quick introduction to Django, the jam will
feature a Q&A; session with the lead programmer of it.


Introduction to The Django Web Framework : Sunday, February 4, 2007, 1-4

We'll discuss the basics of creating applications in Django, walking
through some simple applications hands-on.

Location: Most likely Sophos Vancouver or Uniserve. RSVP to if you intend to come and we will inform you of the
location when it is confirmed.


Adrian Holovaty: The Django Web Framework: Tuesday, February 6, 2007, 7-9

Adrian will offer some thoughts about its unique features and answer
questions from the audience.

Adrian Holovaty is the lead developer of the Django Web Framework.
Adrian and his peers invented Django while working at World Online, a
highly-renowned news Web operation in Lawrence, Kansas. His team's
pioneering work on interactive journalism won numerous awards and was
described in The New York Times, NPR and IT Conversations. Currently,
Adrian is editor of editorial innovations at Washingtonpost.Newsweek
Interactive ( His job involves coming up with
ideas for site improvements and special projects, and implementing


I couldn't make it to the djangojam, but the good news is that tonight I made some progress on my django application. Looking forward to Adrian's talk tonight. I hope I can make it and something doesn't come up.

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