Not Happy With TortoiseSVN

I don't use svn in Windows much but when I do I usually use TortoiseSVN. I haven't been very happy with it lately. With TortoiseSVN installed, Windows Explorer take 5-10 seconds to start and during that time I can't use the task bar because it's a part of explorer.exe. While I like the Explorer integration idea, I'm not sure if I like how everything in Tortoise involves at least a right-click on a folder. Also, sometimes it's nice to see all your working copies in one window, although the working copies may be spread out all over your hard drive.

So I have been giving RapidSVN a try and so far I like it. Not much to say about really, it looks like a pretty standard VCS client. Only downside is that it doesn't support subversion 1.5 yet and I was planning on upgrading my svn server pretty soon.



We find Tortoise often disappointing too. But when we go back to plain svn, benchmark it, then compare it to some of our colleagues that are using Linux, we'll crawl up in a corner and cry. They outperform us by up to a factor 20.

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