Maven is Amazing

After 2 senior developers recommended maven over ant and another told me he was planning on switching to it (from ant) for his next major project, I knew I would eventually try it when I had the chance. Today I was forced to try it because building my project with ant started becoming a total nightmare. I had added a dependency to my project and now the ant script failed. Time to modify the ant script. Said dependency had some dependencies of it's own. Not only that but one of the dependencies was an internal project and did not have an ant build of it's own so no Jar. So it looked like I was going to have to write an ant build for the dependency or put a hard link to it's output class path (created by Intellij IDEA) or use IDEA's jar maker utility. All of those are crappy workarounds. I like automated one like calls like "ant deploy" that will build, test, package and deploy my app to a tomcat server. I was fed up; there has got to be a better way.

So I tried Maven and it is amazing. I just converted a bunch of projects to use maven and it is so much better than ant. It follows the "convention over configuration" and DRY (don't repeat yourself) philosophies very nicely. It just works. No need to tell Maven where your source is and where you want it to build to. Just use the standard maven directory structure. No need to tell Maven what your classpath is for unit tests or compilation. Deploying builds to a remote or local repository is easy. Running unit tests and generating reports is easy, with no extra code in the build file required.The best part is that it fetches dependencies from a server (or the local repository cache) and fetches dependencies recursively. Building projects will be so much easier now and will save so much time. No more writing ant builds and no more copies of junit or log4j all over the place. In fact, never download any jars, ever again. Another bonus: it can generate an IDEA module file or modify an existing one. I've tried this for all the projects and it works perfectly.

So Maven is awesome, and Ant, well...Ant is dead to me.

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