D-Wave Systems Slashdotted and on Digg Twice in One Day

Huge buzz on the web today about D-Wave:

Here's my original post about our upcoming demo.

D-Wave Quantum Computing Demonstration

D-Wave Systems (where I work) will be holding two special events on February 13th in Mountain View, California and on February 15th in Vancouver, British Columbia to demonstrate our quantum processor. The date is fast approaching, so I better make extra sure there are no yet-undiscovered bugs in my code!

Secrets of the superconducting quantum computer

D-Wave's CTO's new blog got dugg 2 days ago: "The CTO of Dwave Systems the venture funded company that plans to offer paid use of a superconducting quantum computer starting in 2007 reveals secrets of its construction. It is based on nobium superconducting "circuits of atoms" and is not RSFQ. (Rapid Single Flux quantum). Have they solved all the basic issues? How many qubits? 1000's?"

D-Wave also got slashdotted yesterday.

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