Drag & Drop from Linux (KDE, Gnome) File Managers (Konqueror, Nautilus) to Java Applications

I tried a few months ago to get drag & drop working from Konqueror to a Java application but it didn't work. Two programmers (myself and another) each had a crack at it and couldn't get it to work. I found one link through Google that seemed to be promising (see reply 23 or 23) but that didn't work. Then finally today by using slightly different keywords in my Google searching, I managed to find this link, which led me to this bug report. It turns out the "workaround" works great and I got it working. Works with Konqueror as well as Nautilus. Haven't tried any other Qt/KDE or GTK applications. Should work with Windows as well of course. I am attaching a trimmed down version of the workaround version with only the essentials to get this working. It it a lot nicer looking than the link above. I had such a tough time finding the solution to this online, I hope others find this blog post and thus have an easier time at it than I did.

Plain text icon TestDragDropLinux.java_.txt3.46 KB
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