Cuban Nuclear Power Plant

While on vacation in Cuba in June and July 2006, we rented a moped for the day and went for a drive from Cienfuegos to Rancho Luna, crossed on the ferry to Castillo de Jagua, and then took the long road back to Cienfugoes. Along the way we spotted something very interesting in the middle of nowhere, located near the coast somewhere not too far west of Castillo de Jagua near Cienfuegos.


We snapped this photo as we were going by on a little scooter/moped. Actually I think we stopped to take this picture because it looked so interesting. There was literally nothing for miles in either direction of this thing. I had assumed it was a nuclear power plant, but the idea seemed far-fetched to me and I then assumed it was some of chemical plant or perhaps a water desalination plant or something. There are some chemical factories in Cienfuegos so that seemed most plausible.

I finally did a little research and managed to find some information about it here:

The construction of an atomic power plant, started with Soviet aid in 1982, has been abandoned for ecological reasons, amongst others. The project - 75% of the construction and 20% of the equipment being finished - can be seen across the bay in the southwest.

(Once again nuclear gets a bad rap for being un-"ecological" even though it is one of the cleanest sources of power around.)

This could very well be the structure they are talking about as it is located south-west of the city, although I doubt that it is visible across the bay, but I could be wrong. I found further evidence here that actually has some pictures and what I photographed is definitely the same thing as what is shown there. Another link here is heavy on US propaganda. It's too bad if it wasn't for Chernobyl (and the United States' meddling), the Cubans might actually have a nuclear power plant.

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