Police Officers Pose as Protestors in Quebec

The Quebec police force is denying that they had undercover cops posing as protestors at the recent North American Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) meeting in Montbello, Quebec. Decide for yourself. The most interesting part is between 1:50 and 2:50. You can see the 3 masked protesters all of a sudden get nervous and allow themselves to get arrested. A CBC article goes into a lot more detail.

As if that wasn't enough evidence, check out this high-res photo showing the protesters wearing the same boots as the police officers.

What are the odds of the two protesters having the same boots? Secondly what are the odds of them also have the same boots as a police officer? The FAR more likely explanation is that they are all police officers! (Another one of the pictures in that gallery shows a third protester wearing the same boots).

Update: The cops caved.


Hometown Baghdad Videos

I just discovered an interesting video blog created by and a group of Iraqi filmmakers. It is "a series about life in Baghdad." As it is filmed by Iraqis, they do a far better job at showing the real Iraq, as it's not just footage from inside the Green Zone or from "embedded reporters" tagging along with US troops. Great personal stories and video footage.

You can see all the videos on the Hometown Baghdad home page or on the hometown baghdad youtube page.


Bacon vs. Bears

I'm going up to Bella Coola for a few days, so when I saw the fiece-looking Grizzly bear on the front page of Saturday's Vancouver Sun and the headline "Grizzly attacks plague central coast" I had to pick it up. Bella Coola is definitely central coast and as it turns out the entire article focused on Bella Coola. I hope you are as shocked as I was when you read the following story:

"Instead of going after the bears, he (Gary Shelton, a long-time Bella Coola Valley resident and author of three best-selling books on bear attacks) said, the government tells people what to do. 'I'm not supposed to feed my dog on my porch, we can't have bird feeders, you can't cook bacon on Saturday morning with the window open.'

'This is bullshit. People have a right out here to live as they want to live. At no time in history have grizzly bears and humans ever lived together in any kind of complacency. It's ridiculous.'"

I really felt for him. Not being able to feed one's dog on the porch has got to be a major PITA. And I could never live without my bird feeder, so I totally know where he's coming from on that one. But just imagining not being able to cook bacon on Saturday morning with the window open, that's when I lost. How dare those Grizzly bears confine the smell of bacon to our homes! Bullshit is right.


Donald Trump on Bush and the Iraq War

"Well, I think Bush is probably the worst president in the history of the United States," says Trump:

Obviously it is no secret that many people share his opinions and so no surprises here, but I think it's a good sign that an interview like this is being shown on mainstream CNN news from a public figure like Trump (who isn't the Dixie Chicks and isn't Michael Moore).

He-Man Sings

I saw this "He-Man sings 'what's going on'" video when it first came out and recently discovered it again. I was a huge He-Man fan when I was a kid. I enjoyed seeing my old friends Man-At-Arms and Skeletor. The over-dubbing and editing is masterfully done. Love the IM chatting between He-Man and Man-At-Arms and Skeletor's entrance.

If you get really nostalgic you might enjoy watching the intro:

I can't believe I actually watched that show.

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