Yelp sucks big time

Update: Yelp has now un-filtered all my reviews.

Yelp sucks so much. I created 5 reviews on Yelp and each one of them has been filtered. The first review I created was a 1 star review for Crocodile Baby, a baby store with some of the worst customer service I have seen in many years (an opinion that is shared by several of our friends as well). The review was terse and to the point, and I suspect I've been black-listed ever since then. Their automated system that checks for spam is supposed to be aggressive and have some false positives but 5/5 of my reviews being essentially marked as spam is ridiculous.



We have recently implemented a system to outsmart yelp from hiding our filtered reviews:

Step 1- first of all, if you’re advertising with yelp, we suggest that you stop doing so and shift that money to optimize your own web site instead

Step 2- Have a graphic designer make a yelp badge that is placed on your web site. It should say “we have …… filtered and unfiltered reviews on yelp”. 

Step 3- when a visitor clicks on the badge, it will go to another page ON YOUR OWN WEB SITE (instead of going to yelp’s. (why help them get traffic and rank higher anyways)? 

Step 4- On this page have your graphic designer get a screen capture (picture) of all your filtered and unfiltered reviews and have them pasted together onto one page.

Now, all your reviews (filtered or not) will be visible to all your web site visitors. 

5- put a note on the top that says, “for your convenience we have placed all our filtered and unfiltered reviews on one page to see. If you’d like to go to our live yelp page, click here …………”

Make the whole page clickable to your live yelp page  so no-one will think you’re trying to hide something or trying to be dishonest 

Advantages of doing this: 

1- Your visitors will stay on your web site instead of being directed to yelp’s

2- Your  visitor can’t click on your competitors 

3- No more being a slave to yelp’s algorithm

4- Yelp would not benefit from getting traffic from you and higher rankings on google 

5- This project cost us less than $150 to implement 

Just be sure to shift that $300 per month on yelp advertising and put it into KEYWORDS that people will search for. 

Please pass this along 

I have shared this on my facebook page for Yelp Fraud.

Please take a moment to take a look and feel free to "like" and post anything you like on the page.

I have myself and 111 other yelp haters (as of 8/8/12) who would love to have you aboard.



The vaunted and almighty Yelp filter is a fraud. It is a human controled, key word based database where designated businesses are not allowed to receive a review better than a designated star rating, and designated reviewers are not allowed to post un-filtered reviews. Therefore, the filter is biased and illegal because it conspires to restrain trade, libel, and defame.

I’m pretty sure Yelp is blackmailing my business. First of all, they hide several good reviews and only show a bad review, which we can’t do anything about, even though it’s not a fair review at all. I can respond, but then I have to submit a personal picture which will be shown any time I post, and the picture will be reviewed by Yelp staff to make sure it’s legit. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want my picture on there.

So then Yelp asks me to advertise on their website, which I don’t even want to be on in the first place. The way they describe it, by advertising with them we would have more control and a more beneficial tone to our spot on Yelp. Isn’t that blackmail?

SO I have been looking for another review site, that can provide dependable reviews (well at least in theory), and I was pleased to find .

They are brand new, but I like the concept, and they claim to pay reviewers, who are verified to have been a customer at the established they are writing about. That sounds good to me.

Yelp is the new name of terror. They are doing whatever they feel good and playing with peoples business reputation.
That’s really sad and a crime.

You take the time to write an honest review(s) and Yelp's filters sua sponte deletes almost all of them for reasons unknown. Well, Yelp, the reviews were honest. Filter away, including filtering away your prospective audiences. You guys are too paranoid.

The vaunted and almighty Yelp filter is a fraud. It is a human controled, key word based database where designated businesses are not allowed to receive a review

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