Yelp doesn't suck after all

It turns out Yelp doesn't suck after all. Well, ok, it did suck when 5 out of 5 of my reviews were filtered out, essentially flagged as spam. I wrote a bunch more reviews, and I guess I have now become a trusted reviewer, so now all my reviews are no longer filtered. Yah!


Yelp sucks big time

Update: Yelp has now un-filtered all my reviews.

Yelp sucks so much. I created 5 reviews on Yelp and each one of them has been filtered. The first review I created was a 1 star review for Crocodile Baby, a baby store with some of the worst customer service I have seen in many years (an opinion that is shared by several of our friends as well). The review was terse and to the point, and I suspect I've been black-listed ever since then. Their automated system that checks for spam is supposed to be aggressive and have some false positives but 5/5 of my reviews being essentially marked as spam is ridiculous.

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